Marketing vs Advertising: What’s The Difference and How Your Business Should Use Them

Marketing vs Advertising: How Business Should Use Them


Marketing vs Advertising: What's The Difference and How Your Business Should Use Them

Most people don’t know the difference between marketing vs advertising. Most times you will find that the two words are used interchangeably. This is because people don’t realize that they are two different aspects of a business.

For a company to be successful, one needs to understand what is the difference between marketing and advertising and what role they each play. People need to know the main difference between marketing vs advertising to clear up these two terms that cause so much confusion.

That way, you will know exactly how each can benefit your business – separately and together.

What is Marketing?

Marketing has a number of definitions. Basically, marketing refers to the businesses strategies and methods used to get products or services to the target market. The end goal of marketing is to attract, grow and retain a satisfied customer base. Creating and executing a good marketing plan needs focused effort by the marketing team to increase sells.

Marketing involves a lot of research in terms of studying the intended target market. You will have to know what the customer needs, how you can cater to those needs and what is most important to them. That way, you can put emphasis on that aspect of the product.

Marketing includes advertising, selling, branding and delivering products to customers or to other businesses.

How Marketing is Used?

Marketing is likely the most important activity for a business since it directly impacts the sales and profitability of a business. This is why large businesses dedicate departments and specific people for the sole purpose of marketing.

The marketing team is tasked with analyzing customers, the current business and the competition. Then they are responsible for coming up with a marketing strategy to improve the business in order to get new customers. Not only that but to retain existing customers as well.

In order to achieve the objective of selling more products or services, marketing undertakes many procedures to make sure their products or services are ready for selling.

The Four P’s Model

Marketing is made up of components that can be identified using the Four P’s model. This model is made of the following four elements:

  • Product: This is where the idea of the product is conceived. A product is an item that solves the customer’s needs. The product can be a tangible object or an intangible service.
  • Price: The business must set an ideal price to sell their product to maximize returns.
  • Place: This refers to how and where customers can best find the product. It involves distribution, franchising and exclusive distribution.
  • Promotion. This involves information that the business releases to generate interest in their products. Promotion may involve elements such as advertising, public relations, and sales promotions.

A good business uses this model to reach its marketing goals, which is to meet the needs of the customer and make a profit.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the process of actually promoting your product or service. Advertising is an attempt to influence the customer to buy with a persuasive selling message. Advertising provides a line of communication to your potential and existing customers about your product or service.

The purpose of advertising is to make the customer aware of what you are offering. You are trying to convince the customer that the product or service is the right choice for their needs. Advertising must also create a desire in the customer for your products or services while also enhancing the image of your business.

In the end, this draws customers to you. For example, 90% of marketers have reported that social advertising has increased their exposure.

Advertising can be communicated through a number of mediums such as television, radio, newspapers, trade magazines, billboards, email, social media and the website for your business. Part of market research involves finding the best mediums to advertise in order to best reach your target market.

Advertising campaigns may evolve with time and growth. Once your product or service is on the market, you can get more information about your target market. It is important to regularly evaluate effective ways to advertise your product or service.

How Advertising is Used?

Advertising is part of marketing and companies use it to increase sales of their product or service. Advertising is communication used in marketing to promote and sell products or services.

Hierarchy of Effects

The hierarchy of effects theory is a model of how advertising impacts a consumer’s decision to buy or not buy a product or service. This theory suggests a customer goes through six stages when making a choice to buy. These stages are:

  • Recognition
  • Comprehension
  • Liking
  • Preference
  • Conviction
  • Purchase

These six stages are further grouped into three categories:

  • Cognitive(recognition, knowledge) – The buyer processes the information they got from advertising communication. Advertising should provide information about the benefits of the product to catch the attention of the target audience.
  • Effective (comprehension and preference) – The buyer should be able to associate themselves with the brand at this stage. Advertising should connect with the audience emotionally.
  • Conative(conviction and purchase) – The buyer is actually buying the product or simply showing interest to buy. Advertising should evolve into a way of speeding up the purchasing process.

The concept of the Hierarchy of Effects is simple. In the beginning, the consumer doesn’t know about the product or service. With time they get to know about the brand. From there, they begin to understand the brand and then finally end in them making a purchase and become a repeat buyer.

Last Words

When looking at advertising vs marketing, it is vital that you thoroughly look into both in order to sell your product well

You can conduct deep market research, but if the advertising is not done well, you won’t get results. The same applies if you have a good advertising campaign, no target market for your services or products. Without each other, you will find it had to sell your products.

Marketing presents the overall image of how a business promotes, distributes and prices their products or services. Advertising supports marketing by making the right hype around the business’ products or services.

In order to have a successful business, you are supposed to look at both marketing and advertising and use both of them effectively and together.

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