How To Use Chatbots In Your Conversion Strategies


We have all seen an increasing amount of chatbots greeting people as soon as they enter a website. This is a fairly new thing that helps companies stay in touch with their customers in a quick and simple way. If you have never worked with a chatbot before, you are probably confused about why they are so useful and good for both the companies and the users. In truth, they enable better communication between users and companies, boost engagement, customer experience, and conversions.

The good news is that adding a chatbot to your website is there to communicate with your customers further than just a welcome message. When a chatbot is personable and human-like which isn’t that hard to achieve – you can get conversions both during the night and during the day. There are tools which are readily at your disposal and they can help you use simple information to create a great chatbot.

Here are some tips you can use to increase your conversions with chatbots:

1. Improve Customer Service

Even if you don’t use chatbots for anything else, customer service is a crucial point of what these things can do. You should implement it for this reason and it can make your customers like your brand more. Consumers are used to instant responses and gratification and the tech what’s available everywhere else is helping them learn more about brands, companies, and solutions to their problems. They are accustomed to getting what they want when they want it and if your website fails to do this, you can forget about getting more sales.

So, you need to make the chatbot there to cover all of the customer service needs. According to research, people are also more willing to pay for services which have better customer service. To understand this better just imagine if you bought something new from a company but you don’t understand anything about it – you might need some help with it. That’s how your customers feel all the time.

They will have various questions about your products and services. You can use this to eliminate their worries and confusions, increasing your chances of making a sale. This will make you stand out on the market.

2. Give Recommendations

Users don’t have to search through your store to find the perfect item – your chatbot can give them recommendations that will lead them straight to the perfect products for them. Bots talking to customers can guess precisely what the customers are looking for and they can give them various options based on their needs. This can be their own personal shopper. There are several ways to do this – a chatbot can offer a quiz which would lead the consumers straight to the products that they need, or it can deliver some products based on short and simple answers.

Quizzes are always a fun method to find out what your customers may need. You can take it a step further and help them make decisions. For example, let’s imagine a hair product store. A customer would come in looking for hair coloring options. However, most people looking for hair colors are not sure what color they want unless they have used the exact same color for years. In most cases, they want something new. You could have a chatbot quiz with questions that would help them discover the best hair color for their hair type, original color, skin tone and so on.

Even if they don’t want hair coloring, they could be searching for the perfect shampoo for themselves. Most people are not sure which shampoos agree with their hair type. You could have a quiz for that too, as well as many other types of products. At the end of each quiz, the user should be sent to a page where the most appropriate products for them are. There are also opportunities for cross-selling as you can, for instance, include some shampoo options with the hair coloring or something similar.

3. Qualify Leads

Since some of your visitors might be more qualified than others, you can use the chatbot to qualify leads. You can use this to determine if you should spend more time on them and should you spend time converting them or if you should focus more on other visitors. Chatbots are super useful here. They automatically talk to your visitors and ask them the right questions to see if they qualify enough as leads. When your chatbot qualifies the leads, you can focus on them, or if people are not qualified, you can move on.

You should create a set of questions that can help your chatbot find out whether a lead is qualified or not. For example, start out with some of the more generic questions just to get a better feel of your customer. Then move on to some more serious questions that will help you define a person as a lead or not.

4. Use It to Engage with People on Social Media

People don’t even have to visit your website to purchase when you have chatbots. People interact on social media and they are already there most of the time – they might not want to take the extra step to go to your website and then purchase something from there. You can take many advantages of this and get your prospects to buy directly from social media with the usage of chatbots. You can, for example, create a chatbot on the Facebook messenger and then market your services there. This can add more convenient ways for consumers to make a purchase. This is good because you are meeting with people on their own familiar terrain and they will be able to purchase your products from their favorite social media apps.

The new world of online shopping is big and exciting. You don’t have to miss out on any part of it and you can make many sales by using a chatbot.

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