How to Build a Successful IT Reseller Business?


As an IT reseller, you work as a middleman between the manufacturer and consumer. First, by purchasing products at wholesale prices from a wholesale vendor – or straight from the product’s manufacturer – and then sell the product to a buyer at retail prices.

Anyone can become a simple reseller to earn a couple of extra bucks, but if you want to truly grow your IT reseller business, read on.

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1. Find Your Niche

You want to start an IT reseller business, but what kind? What do you want to resell? Should it be hardware, software, or other services? Is it for consumers or businesses? Like all businesses, you can see the IT industry has a multitude of products to resell, so you’ll need to narrow down your options.

2. Location

What you sell can also affect whereyou sell. For instance, if you plan on selling hardware, you may consider having a physical location. This entirely depends on your niche, because software and cloud programs don’t require physical locations. If you do decide to sell hardware without a physical location, you can adapt the dropship services.

3. Consistency

Narrowing down your niche will also help you build your brand. Building a brand trend will help you stay consistent, even when you introduce new products into your business later on. Having a distinct niche will keep you on track and help prevent you from reselling any random item that comes your way.

4. Voice

When you establish your brand voice correctly, your consumers will be able to recognize you in seconds whenever they spot your advertisement or receive an email. That way, they make the connection between your business and the product.

5. Locate Wholesalers or Distributors

After deciding on what you want to sell, you need to look into manufacturers and providers (who create the products) and apply with the wholesalers and distributors who deal with said products.

Be sure to check your local government office or business licensing office. Depending on where you are, you may be required to register your business before officially sealing any deals.

6. Rise Above Competition

Like we mentioned in the beginning, anyone can start an IT reseller business, meaning that there may be plenty of other businesses selling the same thing. To overcome the competition, you need to give buyers a reason to choose your business above others.

What do you have that other businesses don’t? What can you offer along with the main product? Consider some of these ideas, and think of how you can implement them into your IT reseller business.

7. Add a Service or Something of Value

Along with the main product, you can add something that will win over your consumers and help you to expand your business portfolio with a diverse collection of industry-leading IT solutions. Look into partner programs like an online backup reseller program where you can earn a 20% commission for any referred customers for life without being an expert in this field.

8. Package Deals

You can also create product bundles and sell them at a discount for the products like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS. Study how often the products you sell are bought together. Consumers will prefer to buy from you if you anticipate what they need to purchase.

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The Bottom Line

Other than techniques that specifically apply to IT reseller companies, the methods used to grow other kinds of businesses apply: invest in the advertisement, match your financing with your business plan projections, get familiar with e-commerce, and create a website.

Last, research beyond here and learn everything you can about the reseller industry and the IT products you’re interested in. Learn from the success and mistakes of others and your competitors. Knowledge is the key to any successful business venture.