Here Are Tactics for Agencies Seeking Success


Every agency enters into the market with succession as their goal. The friction they experience as soon as they enter into the market is unreal and often too much for the budding agencies to handle. This happens due to lack of research that stems from inexperience and improper guidance. It is particularly difficult to succeed as a marketing agency, since digital marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing are emerging fields that have not been taught in college premises.

“Why do you need us?” is another question that becomes a thorn in your side if not answered correctly. Giving an answer to your customer that not only gets you a onetime deal, but also a long-term commitment, is the key to success in the market. To get the client realize what Marcus Sheridan once said is your actual triumph.

“Marketing is still thought of as an expense. Sales is still thought of as revenue. We’ve got to change that.”

It is the survival of the fittest out there and your marketing strategy will be the testament to your success as it provides a live trial of what you are willing to do for your customers.

In addition to the pep talk, here is an analysis of the “no no’s” and “to dos” to aid the success of your agency.

The No Nos


This one is a hard harsh reality. The fact that our market is changing at a rapid pace due to technology, globalization of the world and all other factors you want to credit it to. The bitter truth is that it is evolving and we have got to catch up with the trends and the ever increasing flow of information. The companies that fail to adapt to the pace and stick to their age-old ways are the first ones to fall out of the race.

Keeping the Dead Weight

Professional life is a series of hard decisions followed by their positive or negative outcomes. These hard decisions will keep your company alive and kicking. Dead weight has never proven any benefits until and unless you are actually looking for some abs. However, in this analogy it will not give your company a core to swoon over, it will drag it down into the swamps. You must let go the clients that are merely costing you money, time and resources. Letting someone go is exactly like a break up, it does not have to end in you throwing things at each other. It can end with mutual respect and understanding. Instead of telling the client “it’s not you it’s me”, nudge them towards the direction that benefits them and you as well. Refer them to a struggling firm, recommend them tools that aid them, make it clear that continuing this relationship is not in the best of their interests. A tactful conversation will save you a lot of bitterness and save your relationships while benefiting a friend that you have in the industry. Foster win-win relationships over grudging continuously.

Geographic Limitations

What most marketing companies fail to grasp are the differences we harbor as human beings depending on our demographics despite the globalization. A company that is doing well in the United States will not succeed in Australia with similar policies in place. The focus of the client and the cultural differences depends highly on the geographical location of the client. So the establishment of a policy that is tailored to the area you are operating in is crucial to the success of your company.

To Dos

Increase Prices

Yes! You heard that right. Let’s get into the details of this seemingly ridiculous statement. How will a price increase help you gain customers? How will the prior customers react to this blasphemy?

The burden of portraying this as a positive step towards something and bigger and better falls on the customer service representatives and this why these steps are called “tact’s”. Carrying them out requires careful planning and caution. However, if executed perfectly they will prove highly beneficial towards the progress of your company.

The customers have to be communicated this price “jack up” as a step to improved service and better performance. Which is exactly what your company will be able to afford once the company starts generating higher revenue. The new clients will also signify this as a testament towards your success and growth. Increasing the price is extremely important factor in the expansion of a company, as no agency is able to provide higher quality of service if they can barely make the ends meet. The fact that a client may not be able to afford your services is merely a thought holding you back and for the cases where it is actually true, a discount can always be offered. This allows you to expand the horizons that were restricting you for long. Whereas providing a discount leaves you exactly where you were, that is no harm no foul.

The added profit margin will provide you better resources, well paid employees and ample staffing resulting in a higher quality of service overall.

Tool Up

It is better to work smart than to work hard! The day and age we live in requires quick and efficient work. Majority of clients don’t bother about how you raise their sales, they are concerned about ultimate results. Once you have the resources, having the proper tools that make your work efficient and accurate will result in happier clients and happier employees as well.

For instance, Google Adwords is used for targeted ad placement by many companies. However, Google has several tools that can provide you with an elaborate marketing strategy deploying custom parameters. Custom parameters are an advanced type of URL parameter which advertisers can add to the landing page URLs of their ads. They are tailored upon user keywords providing a more region specific ad displays. Tools like such are an immense boost when it comes to efficiency and accuracy. Hence, it can be said that when an agency invests in better tools, it is promising a better quality of service and a higher success rate to the client. Keeping in mind that this tact is co-dependent on the previously mentioned fact, combined they will prove to be a gold mine for the agency.

Old is Gold

Never underestimate the power of conventional methods of marketing. Yes, this statement is a bit controversial after the tirade of “Change as the time changes”. However, the human nature remains the same with a touch of modernism in it. So, it can be accurately claimed that old is gold when it comes to marketing strategies.

Word of Mouth:

Word of mouth does get around and as human beings; we are more inclined to believe the word of our peers rather than the online lady telling us to buy something or even demonstrating a gizmo that will change our lives. How will this word of mouth get around? The answer is simple, ‘Happy Customers’. The happier your client is the more he’s likely to recommend your agency to another peer.

One more technique that can be deployed is generating buzz. Human beings love something that piques their interest, something that every person is talking about, something out of the box and unique. Applying new and unique ideas as your marketing tools rather than boring online ads will definitely get you a spot in the proverbial social media limelight. A lot of YouTube channels generate viral buzz for their videos and hence it gets much more traction than a simple text ad. The more diverse and creative the content is, the more likely it is to go viral.

Deals are a Deal-saver

The appearance of deals in any industry attracts clients like moth to a light saber. The illusion of getting more than usual for the general price allows the clients to spend more than what they usually will. In a deal where a shampoo bottle is for $3 and 2 bottles are for $5, the customers are bound to spend $5. This is a play with human psychology while generating additional revenue for your agency. The same technique can be applied to marketing agencies, where customizable services are provided to customers for regular rates. Deals if created innovatively, can help introduce new services into the market more rapidly and accelerate sales.

Every business is unique with respect to the variables that are present in its surroundings such as inflation, target market and their demographics. However, plenty of factors exist that plague all businesses specifically marketing agencies. These tactics will help you in the long run on your road to success but if you happen to be looking for a well-established marketing agency that is the epitome of such tasteful tactics, right mix marketing is what you want because these are the words of wisdom penned down after years of experience in the market.