CMDB Software: Open Source vs. Paid Service




A configuration management database is something which all companies should look to have. It is a piece of software which can majorly improve the way you handle alerts and can even help you protect against certain threats when used correctly. However, it is one piece of software which is available through both open source and paid service means. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does CMDB Software Do?

This program is an intuitive software which can track your configuration items. This allows you to make changes to your assets, people, and services, along with many other things which can be added to the CMDB program.

It is often presented to you through a visual means as this makes it more accessible to even those who are not the most tech-savvy. You will be alerted when there is a problem or incident and you will be able to work around it. They are frequently used to give prior alerts to servers crashing which could affect your wider network. As you can see, having this sort of information ahead of time could be extremely beneficial to many different businesses across a variety of industries.

Open Source

Open source software is a program which is able to be edited at a code level thanks to a certain type of licencing agreement. This means that anyone with the technical know-how can update the code of the program to fit their own needs; legally and for free. When it comes to CMDB software, open source would be the right choice for a tech-driven company who know exactly what they want from the software. Using the base code, they will be able to mould the CMDB software into the program they need.

Paid Service

On the other hand, a paid service is a finished program which you cannot edit. The code can only be modified by those who are authorised to do so; usually only the distributing company. For CMDB software, a paid service is most useful to a company who exists outside the tech industry. They probably won’t have a member of staff who would be able to construct the best program for them. What’s more, a paid CMDB service can often come as part of a bundle of other programs. Your company will be able to work with the distributor to put together a set of software which perfectly meets the needs of your business.

Which is Right for You?

The question of whether you should opt for open source or a paid service can really only be answered by the needs of the company who requires the program. If you have a high need for customisation and the technical skills to craft the program you need, you will probably have some success with open source. However, most business owners will find comfort in the expertise of paid services. If you are searching for something which can be a lot more than just CMDB software, a company which can offer this paid service as part of a wider package is going to be the right choice for your company.