Bringing Your Brick and Mortar Store Into Today’s Market


Believe it or not, there are still some businesses out there today that aren’t utilizing the internet to expand their business. Whether they don’t know how to do it themselves or they simply don’t understand the exponential difference the internet can make for their business, so businesses simply aren’t online. That’s ok because as time goes on, making a website for your business is becoming more and more accessible.

If your business still isn’t online, that’s ok. We are here to help you take the right steps to create a following on the internet, so you can help your business grow by helping people find you online.

Get a Website

First thing is first, you need to create a website. There are so many different ways to go about this, so we are only going to cover 3 of them: WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.

The first one we want to cover is WordPress. WP is a content management system, or CMS, that is used for 30% of websites on the internet today. That’s a massive market share, and it’s no surprise when you learn the reasoning behind it. You can customize your WordPress endlessly with custom code in some of the most common coding languages out there. PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and HTML all come together in a beautiful platform that can house any type of website.

If you want the best possible website, you need to make a WordPress. The best part about WordPress is you don’t have to know how to code to build a website. Between Gutenburg and other page builders on the market, you can drag and drop text boxes and pictures to create stunning websites in no time.

The next platform we want to talk about is Shopify. This e-commerce platform makes creating your online store a breeze. With tons of themes and templates, customizing a Shopify site is quick and easy. Keep in mind, if you know any coding, it’s pretty much useless here since Shopify runs on their one proprietary code called Liquid.

Luckily, there are a few Shopify development pros that help you create custom functionality for your site, that is, if the massive plugin library can’t meet your needs. Also keep in mind, the speed of your website with Shopify really comes down to lightweight images, so make sure you optimize your photos!

Finally, there is Squarespace. This CMS is probably the easiest to get into if you have never built a website, but want to go it on your own. Their drag and drop builder makes it really easy to build a website. Their modules are easy to use, and implanting code into the right spots for data analytics is quick and easy. Again, you might be limited when it comes to page speed because, like Shopify, Squarespace controls the main code and CDN.

Work With a Digital Marketing Company

If everything we have talked about thus far is simply mumbo jumbo, that’s ok. It is for a lot of people. That’s where a digital marketing agency can help you out. Find a digital marketing company who can help you set up your new web property from start to finish. They should be able to help you decide which CMS you should, and set you up to leverage your online assets through various avenues like social media and content creation. Also, make sure they can help you set up important parts of your online profile like Google My Business.

It’s Time to Go Digital

If you haven’t done so already for your business, it’s time to go digital. The internet is an expensive place where people go to find what they are looking for, and your business should be a part of that. Through a well set up website, you can even drive traffic to your business like you never imagined. So, what are you waiting for? Go develop a website and start utilizing the largest resource for your business.