Boost your Business with Animated Videos on Social Media

Boost your Business with Animated Videos on Social Media


Boost your Business with Animated Videos on Social Media

In this technology-driven world, our life revolves around posting, commenting, and browsing on social media platforms. Majority of the world’s population is active on Social Media to share their views and moments with everyone. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that Social Media has affected our lives to a great extent. Social Media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are a channel to express our personal views on different subjects and to connect with people from across the world.

But did you ever realize the power of Social Media to boost your Business? Yes, Social Media is a potent tool to make you ‘Stand Out’ on the professional front. It can give you a wider audience and reach. But, there are innumerable ways to communicate on Social Media. We will tell you the most effective and cheaper way to connect with the masses.

Animated Videos are the cheapest and budget-friendly medium for a wider audience on social media. Most of us prefer watching a video in beautiful audio-visuals rather than reading from a text. In a survey, it was noted that 59% of the people tend to watch videos over a monotonous reading of the text. As Animated Videos involve auditory, visual and emotive factors, these videos are more likely to be enjoyed, grasped and retained by the Human mind. In fact, 90% of the information received in the brain is imagery.

There are ample benefits of investing in animated videos. Animated Videos are self-explanatory in nature which makes them easier to grasp. Such videos are usually short and therefore it saves the viewer’s time in watching them. Animated videos are high in quality content. And above all, animated videos are economical with less production costs as compared to a film-shot or a live video. 52% of marketers believe that animated videos are an effective way of branding.

As a social media strategy, Animated Videos can be shared by viewers from across the globe on different social media platforms. Animated videos get played automatically on the autoplay feature of Newsfeed video. Value reports can also be shown through animated videos. In short, there are infinite possibilities with Animated Videos. There is a vast scope in modifying animated videos as per your requirements. Thus, you can make an animated video tailor-made to showcase your product or service. Shared on social media, the video can generate clients from worldwide or increase the traffic on your website.

Animated videos are entertaining and informative. Such videos present facts, figures, and other related data in form pleasant both to the eyes and ears. The perfect picture quality with a beautiful voice over makes animated videos appealing to the viewers. So, let us invest in creating videos for a perfect promotion of business product or service.

Boost Your Business With Animated Videos on Social Media

Disclaimer: Infographic Images Courtesy of Prismart Productions.