5 Tactics In Using Creativity Without Sacrificing Business Ethics

Business owners use creativity to differentiate their business to their competitors. It serves as the basis for upgrading a new idea for a company. If a team lacks creative thinking, there will be a small chance for innovation.

Keeping your company creative can also be a great time to challenge your employees. By giving them the chance to brainstorm and to think of efficient ways to solve a problem. This will also test their skills and would lessen the boredom while working.

The problem that may cause if you have a group of innovative individuals is that you couldn’t measure their limits. They might end up being too creative or less. You should keep reminding them that they need to be ethical when it comes to planning. Listed below are five of the ways where you can be creative as much as you can without forgetting your business ethics.

Have fresh perspectives

Creativity means being different. If you will just follow what’s with the trends, you’ll end up running your business in a circle. Starting a business is like being in a game. You need to level up in order to earn an upgrade. This is how innovation works.

The people need to see fresh and new advertisements, or else you will end up blocked. If your target keeps on seeing the ads that you have, for example on social media, there will be a huge possibility that they will just ignore it or it will be blocked.

A human brain is made to attract new things which could help in improving the memory and the capacity to learn. This is the reason why you need to create interesting advertisements that could easily catch the attention of your target audience.

Here is an example of a creative advertisement poster that you could use as an inspiration in making your own and unique ads that would attract your potential customers.


Know where to focus

Is your signage the problem? There are five elements of signage, namely: shape, color, images, text, and placement. What do you think is the problem why people couldn’t notice your business sign? For example, you realized that the texts aren’t visible and readable. You might research for information online about the right font size for a particular signage.

Too artsy typefaces can affect the legibility of the words being put on the signage. Notice the various sizes of letters even though they were brought in supposed to be similar sizes. Keep the message as simple as what you have in the font style. Make it short but precise.

Aside from the context, you should also think of the material you will use for signage. Make sure that it won’t affect the laws being implemented in the place where your establishment is located.

Keeping it value-connected

There are a lot of advertising that has been trending for a long time because of how creative it is. There are some that became famous because it was being criticized due to being discriminative, which is something that you must avoid when planning out your advertisement.

Here is an example of the kind of offensive advertisements that you need to avoid:


If you will just focus on making your product famous, you will end up running after the quantity and not the quality of the product. Businesses want their products to be the talk of the town. But, your product should be the topic and not how ridiculous your advertisement was.

There are three things that were cited by the marketers when it comes to creating ads that will create an impact. First, there should be a purpose. Second, the consistency in the message. Third, the finished ad poster should be the reflection of who you are and your values.

It must be based on facts

There is this stage which you call advertising research. Facts and statistics are two of the things that you need to incorporate into your proposed ad. It was stated by some advertising experts that ads can either be emotional or rational. Does your target audience likes to be fed with facts or wants to trigger their feelings? You will be able to know these through researching.

This is where you can insert the testimonies made by the users of your products. These are kind of statements that are needed to make your product look appealing to the public. Most especially if these came from people who are experts when it comes to these kinds of product.


After you have implemented the advertisement, the team should make sure of what is its effect on their target audience. Market researchers will be able to determine if what type of ads does the public like. This method allows the owners to know the things needed to be improved in their ads.

Recreate old ideas

There are times where your ad poster doesn’t seem to get along with the consumers. After you have researched the response of your audiences on your ads, you can now list the things needed to refine the message of the advertisement.

You can still create a new set of new ideas out of the plans that you had back then. Make sure that it is relevant to your product and the audiences are able to engage with it. For you to do this, you must compile all the rejected ideas into one folder; make it as your guide to creating a new advertisement poster.

Think of it as a junk that could be recycled. You thought garbage is just dirt on earth but if you will come up with a creative way of making use of it, you will end up having a masterpiece. All you need is to have a new perspective, not just new ideas.

Creativity should be used in a way that no one must be harmed. May it be in the images inserted or words being used on the poster. Don’t sacrifice your company’s reputation over one-hit wonder. If ever you incorporate wrong values into your company, it will affect the trustworthiness and honesty of your business.

Whether you like it or not, if your consumers find out that you have been injecting bad ethics to the company, even if you are the most popular one, they will end up doubting you and your business as a whole.

With the presence of social media, in just a matter of seconds, it will definitely spread throughout the continent. Keep in mind that you don’t have any control when it comes to social networking sites. If you are ethical, it’s a bonus point in delivering excellent customer service experience to your consumers.

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Donna Estrada is an editor for Scoopfed and a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. She enjoys reading books about Persuasive Communication and Advertising and sometimes she contributes for Aviv Movers.

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