The Ultimate Guide To Succeed in Blogger Outreach


With the online world and digital marketing continuously evolving, more businesses turn towards prominent individuals or bloggers in the online spectrum to boost awareness of their brands and to promote their product offerings. We can notice that this is already occurring around us as bloggers and other marketing campaigns, products, etc. work hand in hand.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is where a marketer or business looks to establish relationships with influential people within their field, incentivising them to create a blog about a particular campaign, product or service just to market their business to their established audiences.

This type of marketing is an extended tactic, if done correctly, it can make some exhilarating outcomes for your brands and your SEO management. Moreover, it’s very labor intensive, to begin with, because it is all about analyzing and establishing those relationships.

It’s necessary to note that a lot of these bloggers are experts in their sector and already invested extensive amounts of effort and time in building up their audiences on all platforms, that’s why it is important to ensure that you show them the honor that they deserve.

Why is Blogger Outreach​ Important?

There are many advantages to successful outreach.​ You can:

  • Build up your brand
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Build strong relationships
  • Score guest posts
  • Get them to participate in an expert roundup or an interview
  • Get targeted traffic
  • Get a ton of social shares
  • Gain more exposure

Blogger Strategies and Ultimate Guide

Now we already established precisely what blogger outreach is, and next is to learn how to do it. Marketers have to go through a lot of processes to successfully build a working relationship with a blogger.

Draft your objectives

Before you begin browsing the internet to look for potential bloggers to approach, the first thing to do is to entirely outline the goals that your business want to obtain with the blogger outreach approach. To do this, you need to consider the following:

  • The audience which your brand need to reach
  • What the blogger can get out of promoting your brand
  • The things you like the blogger to do

Organize your research

Sending out a general email which you didn’t tailor especially to their blog is unlikely to get a response given that these bloggers are busy. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you conduct your research as precise as possible that covers the following:

  • The contact details of the blogger which includes the name of the person, contact form, phone number, and email
  • The topics which the blogger writes
  • The largest assets of the blogger regarding the content

When it comes to places to start your hunt for bloggers, there are some places where you can start your search:

  • Try using Google to look for the top 10, top 25, and top 59 bloggers in whatever field you are looking
  • Try utilizing because it’s a helpful tool that will enable you to search for users on Twitter interest or topic area
  • You can also try checking some digital marketing agencies like to see if they are using influential bloggers

Establishing the relationship

Once done with all the research, the next thing you must take is to utilize all of your social media channels to follow the bloggers, connect with them and make an effort to get to know them better. So when it comes to getting in touch with them officially, you have been already on speaking terms with the bloggers which place you at a notable advantage over other businesses.

Establishing your email or message and tailor it

It may sound evident but tailoring your email to each blogger is essential to ensure that you get an appropriate response from them. It might be extremely tedious and labor intensive, but it can be helpful to raise your chances of getting a response.

It is also important that your email contains as much detail regarding what you want the bloggers to do, information about the campaign, what they will acquire from getting involved with your business, etc.

Follow-up and follow through

After sending the first contact email, ensure that you allow the bloggers to take the time to read your email and get back to you. Keep in mind that many of these bloggers that you contact are receiving numerous emails on a daily basis. If you have not received a reply within a few days, send a gently worded email just to follow-up your first offer and see if it produces a response from the blogger.

When you get a reply from a blogger, ensure that you also send a response with as much detail as possible because they are typically interested in either discovering more regarding what you ask them to do or what is the value of the work for them.

Once you agreed with the blogger relating to the progress around a campaign, make sure that you keep your end of the agreement and provide what you need to let them do the work for either a video content, product or an outline for an article.

Step Guide to Blogger Outreach Success

Blogger outreach can provide you much triumph. It can expand your reach, drive you traffic, manage SEO, and most importantly, establish trustworthy relationships with some of the most prominent bloggers in the industry. Here are some quick guidelines that you can use to increase your visibility and grow several blogger relationships.

  • Have an endgame – consider the things you want out of your outreach efforts
  • Create your list – list down who do you want to reach out
  • Get on their radar – Share the blogger’s content on social media or comment, and tag them
  • Help them – Offer them your help with something, such as letting them know some spelling error or a broken link
  • Ask them for their help – It is where you’ll ask them, whatever is your endgame


The beautiful and unusual world of blogger outreach is surely an effective way of boosting brand awareness and extending the reach of your business to new potential customers. All the labor you place into blogger outreach at the moment will benefit you later on when it comes to selecting bloggers to make use for particular campaigns.

Just make sure that you make use of it efficiently up to you and the blogger’s advantage.

Author Bio

Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur, the founder, and CEO of LinkVista Digital Through years of experience in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing, he already launched several campaigns working with different companies locally and abroad. Patrick loves to develop young minds and shape them to become successful leaders in their chosen fields. You may connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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These are great tips for out reaching bloggers of course. In my opinion, what drives a successful blogger outreach is that the mutual content. If the content you target is what is expected by the bloggers you reach to there is a high chance of your content getting published. Specially I’ve seen these with infographics and flowcharts blogs.

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