How to Get Started With a Company Blog (Video)

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It’s clear that companies that maintain a blog get more traffic, visits and leads via the Web. The “rub” is that it takes work. In the following video interview, I give my take on what it takes for a solopreneur, start-up, small business or a division of a corporation to get started.

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Some Key Takeaways from the video:

  • Realize that it won’t be “easy”. With everything new, you need to struggle a little before you get into your groove (and start seeing a pay-off in terms of new leads/clients).
  • You need to connect. In the early days, industry influencers or connectors will be more important than potential customers (because influencers/connectors can get you in front of their audiences).
  • Use analytics to get feedback on whether Google and/or people are finding your site. Even before you get a single lead. Seeing the numbers move up will motivate you to keep going!
  • Take the time to be better than average in terms of your content. Good/great content has a much higher payoff than average/bad content.
  • Find influencers/connectors where they reside online.  LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook pages or groups, on their blog, in Google+ or in Pinterest. Identify the influencers and find them.
  • You can’t just write and hope it works its magic. You need to promote it in social media, to your email list or to sites that accept submissions to get the full benefits.
  • Train yourself as a blogging marathoner, not a sprinter. Sprinters get excited, produce a lot of content and then burn out. Marathoners pace themselves.
  • Want to connect with your customers related to their common searches? Then learn from Marcus Sheridan of River Pools and Spas and of The Sales Lion and answer their frequently asked questions. Google will love you and your customers will too. Sorry, but your competitors will hate you.
  • Use blog formulas in the beginning to keep life simple. This means, “How-to” posts, list posts and resource posts (learn the best ones in Fast, Easy Blogging).
  • Don’t try to do everything – keep your blogging up and focus on a limited number of social networks where influencers/connectors and your potential customers hang out.

To learn from 9 experts (including Marcus Sheridan, Chris Brogan, Denise Wakeman and Pamela Slim) and 9 small businesses, you can go here.

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