Sorry. The Web Runs On Blog Content (AKA The Blogging Manifesto)

Blogs. Funny name – almost playful sounding. But the reality is that blogs are serious business.

Whatever you call them – “timely article repositories”, “online company (or personal) magazines”, “multimedia web-based newsletters on steroids” – they are critical and are not going away.

People Get A Huge Portion of Their News From Blogs (directly or indirectly)

The fact is, most people get a large portion of their news, product information, updates on trends, or “support” from blogs. Major new outlets often use blogs to find stories which they then package up and spread as “breaking” stories to their millions of readers. So in many cases, your news comes either directly or indirectly from blogs.

You may say, “well, I get my news from social media”. Look behind most of those news stories or headlines you see in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and you’ll find either blogs, or news sources that rely heavily on blogs.

Blogs are the Fuel That Runs Social Media

Blog content (as well as a minority of other types of content), is the fuel that keeps the engine of social media running. Without content, social media would come to a slow, chocking halt with a few people sharing pictures of their dinner, babies, political rants, or complaints about that guy who cut them off this morning. No. Social media needs blogs…badly.

A Successor To Blogs? (Fat Chance)

People have been looking for the successor to blogs – items such as Video Logs (Vlogs) or Podcasts. These are great forms of media (and I’m bullish on adding them to the mix), but they’ll never replace blogs. They’re frankly just too hard to produce, not everyone loves straight audio or video, and it’s less convenient to hyperlink to or reference content from within video or (especially) audio content.

Blogs are easy, timely and provide valuable information. The blogosphere also has its economy (affiliates, advertising) and an endoskeleton (link infrastructure) that ties it together.

Don’t Forget About Google

Oh yes. Google. Dominator of nearly 70% of web searches. You don’t search much on the web, do you? Of course you do. We all do.

By the way, as much as Google loves video, pictures and local business listings, the fact is, Google needs text (and lots of it). It needs textual content to provide “trustworthy” details about each web page so it can determine what to rank it for (learn about SEO). Without text, Google’s pretty much lost. Guest what? Blogs provide lots of text which Google grinds up and spits out in the form of search results.

Oh, and the blogging world provides the other thing Google needs to reliably rank sites – those links from one blog post to another. It’s also started incorporating interactions related to and shares of content on social media as a ranking signal (I’m sure this will take lots of tinkering to get it right). Here again, blog content (shared in social media) serves a central role.

Blogs Are King

Blogs are King. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • They break news faster than other forms of media
  • They’re easier to create than magazines or newspapers, podcasts or vlogs
  •  They fit perfectly with social media’s insatiable need for content
  • They can include text, pictures, video and audio – suiting the creator’s strengths and passions and the readers’ consumption preferences
  • They allow for creative flexibility (not constrained by social media sites’ design requirements or constant changes)
  • Blogs are owned, while social media sites/pages/profiles are “leased” and can be deleted without notice

The only people who say that blogs are not important are…

  1. the people who have started one and quit or who don’t want to try launching one
  2. people whose jobs are negatively impacted by blogs
  3. people who have a big stake in something new (e.g. podcasts, vlogs, or new content-based social media platforms that compete with blogs)

Are You Keeping Up a Regular Blogging Schedule?

Social Media combined with original content is a powerful combination. In addition to creative, original or well-researched content, consistency is a key factor for success. To learn more about how I approach consistent content, see Fast, Easy Blogging.

What’s your biggest challenge in producing new blog content?

What’s your biggest challenge with content? New ideas? The time it takes to create new content? Or are you started but just not tasting enough success? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and if you disagree with my position, let me know too…

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Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

I couldn’t agree more. Blogs are the bloodline of the internet. Blogging has dramatically changed the world we live in, and nobody can deny it.


I like the way you put that – “the bloodline of the internet”. Yes, it’s hard to deny how much they have changed the world. Thanks for stopping by!

Ryan Hanley

Great post Tom…

Especially for people that may be on the Fence with blogging.

Creating content is the whole deal… Creating awesome content is even better.


Ryan H.

Tom Treanor

Thanks Ryan. Some businesses think social media has replaced their blog but they’re really complementary. Thanks for stopping by!


I completely agree that blogs run social media. Blogs now work as the backbone to the online world. Lovely post.

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