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If you are a blogger, you should know that you are competing with more than 77 million blogs on the Internet. As intimidating as this statistic may seem, there are several reasons for starting and maintaining a blog.

But, to attract readers to your blog, you need to create posts that provide great value, are error-free and highly-engaging. Numerous tools are available on the Internet to make your blogging easy and fun. Let’s check out a few.

1. Quora and Buzzsumo, for idea generation

Let’s face it, generating new ideas for blog posts is one of the most difficult tasks for a blogger. Quora is an excellent platform to ask a variety of questions on multiple topics, ranging from politics and science to art and everything in between. To get ideas for your blog post, simply type the general topic in the search box and you’ll get to see hundreds of questions Quorans have asked (and answered). Based on this, you can choose an idea that is the most popular and interesting.

BuzzSumo is an online tool that tells you what people are talking about. It searches across multiple sites to find trending topics that are attracting the maximum attention. It has a search box, where you simply type the keyword and Buzzsumo does the rest.


2. EMV tool and Tweak Your Biz Title Generator, for blog post titles

Once you have an idea that you want a write a blog post on, consider giving it a title that will draw readers towards it. This is crucial because regardless of how good the content of the post is, it will most likely remain unread if the title fails to entice readers.

The EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) Headline Analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute analyses the type of emotions your headline is likely to engender in customers’ minds – intellectual, empathetic or spiritual. You can tweak the title to balance the emotions and better communicate with your audience. Also, the higher the EMV score, the better are the chances for your titles to attract readers to your post.

The Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is another excellent tool to generate great titles for articles and blog posts. All you have to do is enter your topic and hit ‘Submit!’ The tool does the rest.


3. Grammarly and Hemingway Editor, for proofreading

Not everyone is endowed with great linguistic skills; and these two tools are invaluable if you want to write perfectly-structured posts in English.

Grammarly can be downloaded as a browser extension. It quietly runs in the background, pointing out spelling and grammatical errors as you type. While spell-checkers can only tell you if a word has been typed incorrectly, Grammarly goes a step further to tell you if a correctly-spelled word has been used in the wrong context. It also identifies over 250 different types of grammatical errors and helps you enhance your vocabulary. It also has a plagiarism detection tool that spots unoriginal text by comparing it against a huge database of over 8 billion webpages.

Hemingway Editor is a comprehensive tool that analyzes your text for its ease of reading. For example, once you place your text within the box, the long, complex sentences and common errors will be highlighted in yellow; and the parts that are complicated and difficult for the reader to understand will be highlighted in red. It will also mark passive voice, adverbs and suggest shorter words. Further, it will give you a readability score that will help you understand how easy or hard your writing is for an average individual to understand.


Over to you

For more such exciting handpicked tools that can make your blog stand out in the crowd, check out Best Blogging Apps. Created by Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud, this is an intuitive HTML infographic that categorizes a list of 90+ apps for blogging. Using the right blogging tools and putting them to use can help transform your blog into a powerful business value generator and also build credibility for your brand.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/Ary74-691934

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Robin Khokhar

This is the first time i am reading about the EMV tools, so will surely be trying them.
Thanks for the share.
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