What do Superman, Freddy Krueger and a Blogging Process Freak have in common?

Business Blogging

Well, they’re the same person for one thing…

Meet Superman

Danny Iny, co-founder of Firepole Marketing, has written almost 100 guest posts, over 50 posts on his own blog, has co-authored TWO books with co-authors such as Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark and Mitch Joel and has done about 50 interviews. In addition, while doing all this, he got married and launched two major coaching programs.

Oh, and did I mention that this was all done in the period of just over one year?

Can’t you see why I think he’s got some sort of superpower?

Freddy Krueger?

Danny Iny, Freddy Krueger of blogginSo what’s this business about Freddy Krueger?

Well, that’s the guy in The Nightmare On Elm Street movies. He’s a pretty scary dude and he’s everywhere.

That’s what these superpowers did for Danny. With his guest posts running over a short period on such a huge number of very popular blogs, he became known as the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging”. Everywhere you looked, he was there, looking right at you!

Needless to say, this visibility did huge things for Danny’s business.

The Real Secret

What’s interesting about the situation is that Danny’s not superhuman. Yes, he worked really hard, but he had an ace in the hole to make this whole thing happen.

What’s that, you ask?

Write Like Freddy ProcessThe Process Freak

It’s that he’s a process freak.

Yes, you heard me. Danny will hate me for saying this, but he’s so obsessive that he can’t help but research, discover, engineer, document and meticulously follow the best processes known to man. Oh, and then he’ll reengineer, test, add new angles and document it again.

He worked on his process like a master craftsman polishes the burrs and imperfections off a machined and highly engineered piece of precision equipment. He fussed over the process like Gollum fussed over “his precious”.

Jealously guarding it until it was ready for the world to see.

The Process Is The Solution

At first Danny was THE critical piece of this equation. If he didn’t brute force the process, nothing would come of it. No guest posts, no traffic, no business visibility.

After he refined the process to its most effective form, it started to become a much, much bigger part of the solution. No longer was Danny pushing his blogging forward just by sheer force of will.

It was like putting rollers under a couch. Exert the same effort and rather than moving a foot, it would move across the room. The process worked!

With the formula, Danny could easily identify the blogs to write for, discover the winning topics and write posts that blog owners can’t get enough of. Not only that, but using the process and his templates he can write winning blog posts in under two hours.

blog like freddy processOut of the Vault

Some formulas stay hidden forever (Coke anyone?), but on occasion a game-changing formula gets released into the world.

Danny is releasing the “Write Like Freddy” formula to the world with a webinar on 3/27 that I’m honored to be hosting. Will you be there?

Two Free Memberships

Prior to the webinar, he has kindly agreed to give away Two FREE spots in the Write Like Freddy program to commenters on this blog post.

Are You Ready to Write Like Freddy?

Are you inspired to learn the secrets that allowed Danny to exhibit almost superhuman strength to become the Freddy Krueger of Blogging? Do you want to know how he finds and lands guest posts on the most popular blogs? Do you want to learn how he writes great, detailed posts in a fraction of the time of other bloggers? Do you want to know why he knows what posts blog owners will drool over? It’s all in the process.