What about the Company Blog? A Cautionary Content Marketing Tale (Video)

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If you run a company these days, it’s probably hard to figure out where to invest your limited marketing resources and time. For a long time, achieving better Search Engine Optimization was the holy grail. Then, Social Media engagement supplanted SEO (at least in the press) as the bigger, more important goal. Along the way, content has moved from being considered “link bait” and keyword-rich content to being something to use to educate potential buyers and to share in social media.

People want to know the facts. Which is right?

Well, they’re both right.

Content (especially interesting and informative blog content) is both keyword-rich “SEO content” and a great way to engage people in social media, raise the visibility of your brand, and draw people back to your site.

If you think about it, Content, SEO and Social Media are inextricably linked.

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Optimizing purely for any one or two sub-optimizes the other(s). So strike a balance. Don’t go overboard on one without bringing up the levels of the other two.

Competico’s Blog (a Cautionary Tale)

To see how this struggle manifests itself in companies like yours and mine, take a look at this conversation happening in the offices of “OurCo” as they discuss social media, content, SEO and their fierce competitors, “Competico”.

Competico’s Blog: Blogging, Social Media and SEO

What’s your take?

This is just my opinion. What’s your take on the struggle to bring harmony to a company’s SEO, Content and Social Media strategies?