6 Powerful Ways Your Company Blog Can Drive New Business

On occasion, an unloved company blog gets questioned. Why do we have that thing anyway?

Just like an unloved pet spends its time moping around, living from meal to meal, an untouched blog looks lonely and adds little value.

But in the right hands, and with proper “care and feeding”, a company blog, or an author blog, nonprofit blog, sole proprietor’s blog or any other blog,can provide a ton of value.

In this executive summary of a recent presentation I gave, you can see 6 areas that I highlight as rich territory for companies who are ready for action.

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Ryan Hanley

Excellent resource Tom…

I enjoy the Slideshare format for delivering content. The slides break up the different thoughts well.


Tom Treanor

Hi Ryan. Yes, that format works well (I hope) for the points I was making with this one. Thanks for dropping by!

Cendrine Marrouat

As always, this is an excellent article Tom. I also really like the slides!


Thanks Cendrine. I really appreciate you stopping by to comment!


These are great tips you have shared here and well presented too. Thanks for the share.


Loved this slide share. Blog can be a great source to get business and more and more people are using this now. Thanks for this great info.


A very well presented flow of thoughts I must say and it is indeed a very useful information. Thanks for sharing.


I have went through with your post,most of all the tips are good.I am using social media for my blog so that i can drive more traffic and business


I will prefer you to use article marketing and video promotion to drive more traffic and bring more business to your website.

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