The Ultimate Business Blogging How To Guide

The Ultimate Business Blogging How To Guide

You can learn how to make a successful blog by reading other blogs, but often it’s hard to find it all in once place. Here’s my Ultimate How-to guide for your company blog with links to specific articles to get detailed information in the areas you or your business need the most help.

Skim the key points and dig into the articles that address the most important topics for your company. Let me know in the comments what other sections would be helpful and check out the Blog Writing Workshop when you’re done reading!

Why You (and Your Company) Should Maintain a Blog

Content drives social media and Search Engine Optimization. Also, you own your blog as opposed to “leasing” space on the various Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Your blog builds your authority, allows you to sell

6 Powerful Ways Your Company Blog Can Drive New Business

Your Company Blog – why it’s still your online marketing hub

Your Blog is the Ultimate “Know, Like and Trust Generation Machine”

How To Differentiate Your Blog and Make It Appealing

Making your blog stand out from the crowd and appealing to your target audience are two essential elements for any company or individual blogger.

Charles Darwin’s 12 Rules of Blogging Survival (Problogger)

4 Reasons Why Original Blog Content is Important

12 Blogging Lessons I Learned From Maxim Magazine (Problogger)
Build a Blog That Matters

How To Make Connections and Build Community

Ideally, you’re not “distributing” content one way – you’re building a network as well as a community centered around your blog or your company.

14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With the Who’s Who of Social Media (Copyblogger)

10 Ways To Create Community With Your Blog Readers (Basic Blog Tips)

10 Secrets to Fantastic Blog Engagement (Firepole Marketing)


Guest Blogging To Expand Your Reach

Guest blogging is a great way to connect with other bloggers, get exposed to a new audience and to build links back to your site (and there are some other benefits that you’ll see in the second article…

Why I’m no longer monogamous with you, my dear (blog)

6 Little-Known Reasons Guest Blogging Is Essential To Your Blogging Development

Does Google Hate Guest Blogging?

9 Ways To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities (Famous Bloggers)

What do Superman, Freddy Krueger and a Blogging Process Freak have in common?

Common Blogging Myths, Mistakes and Misconceptions

There are a lot of myths, mistakes and misconceptions about blogging. Learn about some of the most common ones below…

What Do You Wish You’d Known Before You Started Blogging?

10 Common Business Blogging Saboteurs…And How To Overcome Them (

Three common Blogging #Fails and what to do about them

How To Be More Efficient With Your Blogging and To Stay Motivated

As you ramp up your blogging, you need to look for ways to be more efficient and to consistently get publish great content.

How to Blog Sensibly: A Business Blogging Checklist

10 Ways to Save Time and Energy Blogging (

With Blogging, Consistency is King (Blog Success)

Time to Renew Your Blogging Vows: 16 Tips For Revitalizing Your Blog

The Best Excuses We Tell Ourselves To Avoid Blogging

What Do You Wish You’d Known Before You Started Blogging?

How to Write An Individual Post

If you need help understanding the main elements of a post or if you want to learn multiple ways of creating content (not just writing) read on and look at the third link below.

Blog Writing Checklist: Have You Covered These 8 Blogging Essentials? (Basic Blog Tips)

7 Essential Elements of a Blog Post (Video)

Learn to Write High Quality Posts Quickly and Easily (course)

How do use Content Curation

Curation is an option to generate useful content. This post is basically an example of curating my own content, both on this blog and on others. Learn more about content curation below.

Content Curation: Definition and 6 Tool Options

Networking for Introverts: Resources For Shy Marketers (example of curated post)

Protect Your Brand, Domain Names, WordPress, Hosting

Your brand and domain name are both important. You don’t want to launch a brand and not be able to grab the branded properties in social media. You also don’t want a cheap-looking domain name. Lastly, learn about WordPress and hosting here.

What’s in a Domain Name? A lot!

4 Domain Name Tools to Get the Best URL and SEO Benefits

How to Protect Your Brand Online for $99

Should I Move To WordPress? [infographic]

Learn About Hosting and WordPress

So Let’s Get Moving With Your Business Blog!

I hope you enjoyed this guide for business blogging. What other topics would you add?

If you want to speed up your progress and have the best of the best packaged in one place, with support and step-by-step tutorials take a look at Blog Writing Workshop.

Please share this guide with your friends and colleagues!

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This is an absolutely BRILLIANT compilation. Thanks for sharing as I’m always looking for great tips!

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I appreciate your compliment. Thanks for reading and sharing!!

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Fantastic Tom! Thanks for providing this awesome encyclopedia of business blogging tips!

Tom Treanor

Hi Louise. I must have missed this one. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

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