How to Blog Sensibly: A Business Blogging Checklist

Business Blogging

The business blog is one of the best tools to support companies in the use of content as a marketing weapon. A company’s blog is the natural and ideal location for posting written content, videos, pictures and audio. In addition, when the content is shared by the company and by readers in social media, in email newsletters, or in other venues (such as forums or other blogs), it’s the best tool to convert incoming traffic via the use of strategically placed “calls to action”. Lastly, the creation of content on a blog can significantly help with search engine optimization (SEO) – bringing new visitors from the search engines.

Where businesses struggle with their company blog

With that said, many business struggle with:

  • Understanding what content will be compelling to their prospective customers
  • Being consistent with their content production
  • Linking their content and social media strategies

A Sensible Business Blogging Checklist

Below is a checklist to help bring some sense to a companies blogging strategy. What I would urge you to think about as you read it is to be less “me focused” and to become more “you focused” – with the “you” as your readers. Deliver content that addresses the needs, interests and pain points of your readers – even if the content doesn’t always tie directly to your products or your company. Take that approach and your readership will grow…
What would you add or take away from this Business Blogging Checklist? Let me know in the comments.
WBG Sensible Blogging Checklist Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic courtesy of: Whole Brain Group

Anything to add or remove?

I hope you got value out of the blogging checklist. What would you add to it? Is there anything you disagree with? Let me know in the comments!