12 Blog Promotion Strategies For Each Post

Blog posts are not just “content” to fill your blog. To really be successful with your blog, treat each post like a mini-campaign. You’ve already taken the time to determine what to write, to have written the post and to select (and possibly pay for) post pictures. So take the time to promote it as effectively as possible.

Some strategies include:

  • Optimizing the keywords in your post for search engines (and frankly, for how searchers think about and find your topic)
  • Tailoring your status updates for various social sites – one size (and style) does not fit all
  • Commenting on relevant and related industry blogs
  • Adding your best posts (or newest ones) to your email signature to get your contacts clicking on and sharing your post
  • Sharing your post with your customers so they can get value as well as share it out

12 Blog Post Promotion Strategies

Infographic via DivvyHQ

What promotion strategies would you add?

This is a solid set of promotion strategies. Which others would you add? Which blog traffic strategies work best for your company?

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+1 like. Very useful post. Thanks


Nice infographic. Getting blog mentions from other blogs is the hardest part, but probably the best for SEO. Any tips on getting bloggers to share your post?

Tom Treanor

Thanks Tarik. Agreed. Some ideas include: 1) mentioning them 2) writing a post with stats that are useful for others to reference (a recent one was linked by Hubspot) 3) writing about a topic that people often ask about in your area of specialty 4) take pictures (see my blog world photos which got linked by NPR and Convince and Convert)

Mark McKnight

Some great tips mentioned. I like the syndication method. Each time I add a new post to my blog, Hootsuite takes it and adds it to my G+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Do you do this too? What about RSS? Do you submit your feed anywhere?

Tom Treanor

Hi Mark. Great points. I do some minor social media syndication but my feed goes to Business2Community, Triberr and AllTop and these can be very helpful indeed!


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Thanks for your hard job

MirazMac.Info | Miraz Mac

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Some great tips here – thanks for sharing. One question though about no. 8: ‘seek and assist’ on Twitter. How does that work in practice? Find a hashtag(s) that matches the blog’s keywords, then tweet a link to it incorporating that?

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