24 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post (Infographic)

Business Blogging

As I mentioned in the post about blog promotion strategies, each blog post is a mini-campaign. With this infographic, you can see 24 different ways to optimize your blog content form maximum SEO, social media shares and reader satisfaction.

Some important blog writing tips include:

  • Use visuals in your post to increase social shares
  • Strategically include keywords for search engines to “digest”
  • Offer helpful tips in your posts. Always think about how you can help your readers
  • Link internally (keep people on your site, expose great resources) and externally as well
  • Display related posts (same as above – so people can find other great content)
  • Include guest posts on your blog for more credibility and new ideas/voices (but include guest post guidelines as you can see on my guest post page)
Infographic via Social Marketing Writing

What else for blog post optimization?

What other things would you consider critical to create optimized posts? Let us know in the comments?