Top 10 Brand Awareness Tactics to Employ in 2018


Just having a brand is not enough. You need to make your brand grow, succeed and even become a household name. That is the need for marketing. This keeps pushing your brand to new clients and people whom you would like to reach. You only have to use the right marketing strategy to reach the target audience.

In creating your marketing strategies, you must learn that there’s no one approach that fits all. They keep on changing from time to time. The changes in the strategy are mostly due to the changes in technology, consumer’s concentration spans and preferences.

These are some of the marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness that will work for you at the moment.

1. Understand your consumers

There is no time you will ever come up with a successful marketing strategy without understanding your consumers. They are the ones who will determine the type of products and services you provide in the first place. Their location and lifestyle will also determine the type of strategy to use.

You need to understand their primary source of news, their attitude towards your competitors and the crisis they go through. It is only when you will be able to solve their problems as you earn their loyalty.

One of the best ways to get to know your customers is by carrying out a survey. There are several survey creations tools like Survey Monkey and Google Survey you can use to establish the important information about your customers. You will then use the information to your advantage even as you work according to their preferences.

2. Influencer marketing to get a new audience

Influencer marketing is one of the best methods to help you reach a new audience. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media, and mostly they are authorities in their fields and opinion shapers. This means that they are trusted by their followers. Therefore, other than reaching the wider audience, there is also the likelihood of turning them into clients due to the trust. It’s important to be careful in choosing the influencers you want to use depending on the image you want to portray.

3. Taking part in social causes

One of the reasons why social investment businesses are on the rise at the moment is because they are always easily accepted by the target population as they tend to seek to solve problems they face.

In order to succeed in taking part in social causes as a marketing method, you need to first identify the social issue that the target population is facing. You then work on the best means to solve the problem. This will help you in gaining the trust and loyalty of the target market.

Many people tend to like working or purchasing from companies they connect with. According to a study done by MarketSight, 78% of people aged 18-24 are more willing to pay a higher price for a product that is linked with a brand that is more ethical and has a positive impact on the world around.

Taking part in the social causes is one of the best ways to help you connect personally with audiences. In addition, this is a product promotion avenue which will work well for your public relations.

4. Use videos to tell brand stories more effectively

Taking a look at all the social media sites today you will not miss coming across a video. You will note that there are several types of videos be it on news item, advertisements, tutorials, and guides, almost everything can be represented in videos today. This would tell you the impact that videos are creating.

Videos are a good way of telling your brand stories as you can use them to demonstrate your products vividly as compared to when written. Several people also tend to recall the content of video more than they would when written. The spread of internet connectively also makes it easier to watch videos.

Go ahead and create great videos. As videos have taken their place in the marketing scene, their popularity will not be diminished anytime soon.

5. Research

When trying to find relevant brand awareness tactics, you need to do much research. You need to do research on the different strategies and the ones that will work for you. You can also look into what your competitions are doing and try to outplay them. What other business giants, who are not your direct competition, are doing can also come in handy when developing your tactics.

The research will also look into the best method of execution, the target audience and their access to information. It is only after which you will be able to evaluate your reach.

6. Great social media strategy

You can never underestimate the power of social media in 2018. When you want to increase brand awareness, then you will have to employ a great social media strategy. Social media is a platform that is present with millions of clients whom you can reach out to.

You need to create great Instagram live ads to reach the users. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get to make networks in the industry. You can use it when looking for partners and even important information for your business.

Social media will also help you get reviews and recommendations from your audience.

7. Create networks

Even in the business world, no company is an island. This means that different companies need the other to be successful. This means that you need to create networks with the different players in the industry. This will help you gain new markets and opportunities.

When people hear about you from a reputable company, there are high chances they will trust in your services.

8. Great SEO strategy

Most consumers still head to search engines when looking for products and services. This means that the better you rank in the search engines, the better your chances of landing the customers are. Make sure that you optimize your products, logos, location, and content such that search results will have your company ranked high.

Make sure that you look at the rankings of your competition and you work on outranking them. After exceeding them ensure that you keep producing quality content and never stop the optimization, as it is always a work in progress.

9. Use native advertisement

Studies indicate that many people are headed online and that most companies are now investing in online ads. You do not need to abandon the native advertisement means fully. There is still the other population stuck by them which you want to reach, and you will miss on when you go only for banner, display, PPC or ads like those online.

10. Affiliate marketing

Are you looking to use your existing customers to help spread your brand? Then you can spend some money in doing that. You can start an affiliate marketing strategy where your existing customers refer people in their networks to get to your products and services. This will serve in keeping your loyal customers as they feel appreciated as you gain even more.

Regardless of the marketing strategy you choose to work with, or you feel that work best for you, you need to take your time to check results. Take a look at the reach as compared to your targets and see whether the marketing strategy is worth using to promote your brand. This will help you in keeping your budget and ensuring effectiveness.

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