Talking About Loyalty: What Takeaways Can Brands Learn From Amazon?

Loyalty is something that every brand or company would want to attain when it comes to their relationship with their customers. Nowadays, it is not enough to present the next marketing campaign to catch the attention of the clients. That’s one thing to the equation, but brands need to do more to make sure that they are heading in the right direction in terms of building and strengthening the customer relationship.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the factors that brands can learn from Amazon when it comes to building a loyal following. Let’s get started!

Research, Research, Research

Amazon relies heavily on data-driven insights to make sure that they are on the right track when it comes to customer satisfaction, that is why Amazon product research is one of the tried and tested ways in shopping. Before anything else, brands need to know who their customers are. They have to be able to tell what the customers want and what they are looking for, be it a product or a service. To do this, data and rich information are needed. Research should be a vital part of the process of building customer relationships.

Before planning your marketing strategy, it has to be stressed that you have to invest the much-needed time and effort to do research. This will make everything else flow smoothly because you will know where you are heading. When you have prepared well for your strategy through thorough research, it will be much easier to take the next steps. For example, if you know what kind of added perks your customers are looking for, you can implement those to your marketing strategy, and you can be sure that the customers will be more than happy to engage with your brand because you are giving them something that they find valuable.

Create a Unique Experience for Each Customer

Customer experience

Brands should not waste any opportunity to make the customer feel special during their buying experience. When thorough research has been done, brands will be able to know more about what the customers are looking for, not just in terms of the product or service, but of the experience itself.

Brands also need to be able to translate offline what Amazon does online. The challenge here is to create a unique experience for every customer in a big scale. How can this be replicated? The answer can be different from brand to brand and from industry to industry.

What ought to be kept in mind is that if the company can successfully place themselves in the shoes of the customers, then it will be easier to know what the customers are expecting and how these expectations can be met, or better yet, exceeded. This will keep the customers coming back because they know they will have a wonderful buying experience with your brand.

Offer Something of Value

Regardless of the brand, the customers always look at the quality of the product or service. If the brand is not yet very well-known, then now is the time to show the customers what the brand’s products or services can offer them.

The sure way to develop customer loyalty is to provide only the best products and customer service experience that the brand can give to its clients. This will make the customers trust the brand more. Consequently, they will tell their family and friends about the great experience they had with the brand and will most likely return to the same stores expecting the same experience. Here, consistency is the next key to customer loyalty.

Be Consistent at Getting Better

Being consistent is not enough. A brand can be consistently average, and that won’t do it any good. The customers are going to keep on ignoring it. Brands have to be consistent in improving their products and services that they offer to their clientele. At this point, there’s no other way but up. Brands have to keep on getting better. That’s a way to make sure that the customers will always be at the edge of their seats, waiting for the next best thing from the brand.

Again, at this point, constant research is important. The brand needs to look ahead and see what the future has in store for their customers. It’s not enough to be able to provide what the customers need today but to anticipate what the customers will be looking for tomorrow. This will ensure that you are also ahead of your competition. Don’t ever get complacent. Always work on making what’s best better.

Listen to Your Clients

Another key factor to getting your clients to be loyal to your brand is to make them feel that you do listen to what they have to say, be it through their comments or suggestions. Make them feel that what they have to say is important to your company. This is where social media becomes vital. Your brand needs to invest in creating an active social media presence because this is where you can better interact with your clientele.

Always try your best to reply to your clients’ queries, be it private messages or comments. If there are negative comments, don’t just ignore them. What you can do is to acknowledge them and thank them for pointing out where your brand can improve. This will show your customers that you are open to criticisms and that you are not afraid to see the flaws in your products and you are willing to do the necessary changes to provide them better products or services.


These are just some of the things that you can learn from Amazon and how they engage with their clients. Loyalty is something that every brand needs to work on. By having loyal clients, the brands can ensure that the customers will keep on coming back because they know that the product or service that they will be getting will be satisfactory. Not only that, but the buying experience will also be worth their while. Brands need to acknowledge that it is not enough to have great products or services, the customer experience is also very important in creating a loyal following.

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