How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Simple Ways (Infographic)

How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Simple Ways [Infographic]



How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Simple Ways - Infographic

In the world of commerce, the brand holds the identity and reputation of a business or company. Having a reputable brand significantly raises the odds of success and popularity of the product. Cultivating public awareness of a product enables the continuous growth of sales and revenue, and keeps the business going until the time comes that it has become a major competitor in the mainstream market.

Most people seem to believe that small businesses or those who are considered to be newcomers to a particular industry typically have no chance of making a break over the bigger ones. This might be true to a certain extent, especially if the owner of a new brand does not have enough knowledge and unable to make an excellent marketing plan or strategy.

Brand awareness is quite comparable to a thread that puts all of those marketing campaigns together and creates a viable basis for your advertising goals. The more awareness of your brand, the more favorable impression it will get amongst your loyal customers and other potential buyers.

As simple as knowing the following ways can help anyone trying to make a big step into business to increase awareness about their brand:

  1. Make your story known – Telling the story of your brand helps the customers to be more attached as it allows them to have some background of what they are trying to avail. While there can be many ways to make the story of your brand known, the best one so far is through a well-written section on your brand’s official website specifically in the “about us” section. This works well if your business has an unusual but interesting story to talk about regarding its humble beginnings.
  2. Send Useful Tips – Having a company newsletter that is filled with helpful contents makes your customers more engaged with your brand. Be mindful that advertising your brand too much on the newsletter isn’t a good idea except if your business is currently offering a discount or a sale in which your customers will surely appreciate.
  3. Use Infographics – Infographics are a modern medium that has become popular nowadays among business websites due to the combined elements of texts and pictures. This way it helps to promote more interaction and understanding on the part of the viewers or audience.
  4. Be a Guest Blogger – If you have a blog or a website, better work with other bloggers so that your brand can gain some additional exposure.
  5. Experiment with Pull Marketing – Pull marketing is a strategy wherein non-invasive techniques were applied to the customers in a way that they don’t feel like they’re being sold to.
  6. Biddable Campaigns – Biddable campaigns are especially helpful in fixing troubles like low search engine rankings.
  7. Writing a Book – By authoring a book, you instantly put yourself on the list of people with a higher level of expertise on a specific field. Through this way, you can use it to promote your brand which can be now linked to your own reputation as a book writer.
  8. Host Your Radio Channel – Other than a podcast, radio channels are a good way to reach out to a wide number of an audience which could become your potential customers in the future.
  9. Wear Your Logo on Your Sleeve – Every competitive brand will always have a unique logo. And marketing this logo the most creative ways possible including posting it on the internet is a great way to amp-up the awareness about your brand.
  10. Host an Event – Hosting events are also a way to attract not only potential customers but also fellow brand advocates.

If you want to learn more about these ten ways of increasing brand awareness, head over to the infographic below brought to you by Panda Paper Roll:

How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Simple Ways?

Feature & infographic Image Courtesy: Panda Paper Roll