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5 Branded Stationery Ideas For Unique Advertising

Branded stationery items enable businesses to advertise their companies in a unique way. As a marketing professional, it is up to you to take advantage of these promotional tools. You can use various products such as envelopes, letterheads and note cards to build a better brand image. Your stationery acts as a source for portraying your company’s purpose. If you want to ensure that you get your brand’s identity across properly and spread the word about your brand simultaneously, you need to invest in custom stationery items. Read this post to learn the top branded stationery ideas for unique advertising.

Monthly Calendars

One of the best branded stationery ideas is to create monthly calendars. All consumers find calendars useful. While each consumer may have different trips planned, work due and events to attend, they all enjoy organizing them on calendars. Thus, using one as a promotional product is a great idea. Before you send your calendars off to your mailing list subscribers, add branded components to it. For instance, you can include your logo on each page of the calendar. To take it a step further, print your calendars with any company events and product launches scheduled in. Then, consumers will be reminded of your brand each time they use their calendars. Take advantage of this branded stationery idea for unique advertising.

Colorful Envelopes

Another great branded stationery idea for marketing teams to take advantage of is colorful envelopes. Customizing envelopes for direct mail campaigns is highly effective. However, when you add a splash of color to your stationery, consumers are much more likely to notice them. Using a simple white envelope, recipients are likely to overlook your mail among the other white envelopes they receive on a daily basis. To stand out, online suppliers like Envelope Superstore offers a wide variety of color envelopes. Consider using your company colors in your envelope design. Without being too flashy, make it enticing enough to stand out. Then, you can use your branded stationery item to increase your sales.

Custom Thank You Cards

Additionally, design custom thank you cards as part of your stationery set. These branded items allow you to show your previous customers appreciation and advertise your brand at the same time. They are great for reminding past customers about your brand and the products you offer. Send out a thank you card after a large purchase or a certain period without repeat sales. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand design with a handwritten font or some personalization. If you use this branded stationery item idea effectively, you can boost your ROI. Thank you card stationery are some of the most effective materials for advertising in a memorable way.

Multiple Materials

Consider using multiple materials in your branded stationery items as well. This design idea enables businesses to stand out. You are much more likely to notice an envelope made out of cardboard with metallic accents on it than you are to single out an ordinary package. The same goes for other types of stationery items as well. When you design business cards for your company, include a couple of professional-looking materials to make them stand out. Try incorporating multiple materials into your note cards too. You can show consumers that your brand is different from others in your industry. Thus, this is yet another great branded stationery idea to build a better business image.

Different Shapes

Finally, take your advertising efforts to the next level by using different shapes in your stationery designs. When consumers enter an office, they often fail to notice the business cards displayed on desks. An effective way to ensure that your business cards get noticed is to print them out in different shapes. The same goes for letters and brochures. While this is an effective strategy, keep in mind that you still want your prospective customers to think of your brand as a professional one. Therefore, stay away from childish shapes such as stars and flowers unless they directly relate to your brand identity. Use this stationery idea to advertise your brand in a unique way.

Stationery items are great tools for increasing reach and portraying brand image. A great idea to implement is to create promotional monthly calendars. Marketing teams also increase ROI when they use colorful envelopes in their direct mail campaigns over traditional, white ones. Build custom thank you cards and consider using multiple materials in your designs. In addition, stand out by using different shapes for your items. Use these branded stationery ideas for unique advertising.

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