Avoiding Branding Mistakes That Could Be The Final Nail In The Coffin


A brand represents the promise that your company makes to your valuable customers. So, it is imperative that you build it thoughtfully and consciously. A successful brand can never be established by simply uploading a startling logo and writing a few catchy lines on social media platforms. It requires investing a lot of time and effort. This includes researching, identifying competitors, finding the best way to make your brand visible and expert professionals are to be consulted.

It is important that every business understands what branding is and why it’s necessary. A well-executed branding strategy helps in bringing out the personality and emotion hidden behind every business, which is then visually represented as a logo and the brand’s tagline. These representative designs are further effectively used in stationery, products, packaging, apparels, etc. Unfortunately, most of the companies overlook the significance of the branding process. Instead, they choose to avoid it, thereby never being able to reap its benefits.

Whether you have a plan to start your own business or have already established one, the very fact that mistakes can be made is undeniable. Even the smallest mistake like a misspelling can warn off your potential customers. Worst case scenario? You’ll be kicked down in the search engine’s rank page by Google. Even the most popular brands could get dumped as a result of mindless mistakes or ignorance.

So, we have compiled a list of mistakes that you can absolutely do without and save your brand from potential pitfalls.

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Babying Your Business

Consider your business as your baby. Give its identity the same care you would give to naming a child. When you tell people about your company, the first thing that they hear is the name. Good brand names are rarely born out of the blue.

They are cautiously intended model of a brand’s personality which express its position, tone, and ethics. A brand name that lacks in vision, attention to detail and ingenuity can be detrimental to a business’s image. The name has to be something that appeals to your consumers’ sensibilities. It must be something that your consumers would like to be linked to for years to come. The brand’s name is one of the best ways to create an emotional bond with consumers.

A good name always evokes a strong passion for your brand, while bad name only elicits distaste or worse still, indifference. While naming your brand make sure that it is not a repetition or something we’ve all seen before. It must be able to reflect your purpose, identity, and promise.

Logo Without Lapse

People think in pictures, and be aware of the fact that pictures are stickier than words. The most vital aspect of any brand to get right is arguably its logo. It is supposed to convey what the company does at a glance portraying the personality of a brand. A logo must tell the story of a brand in such a way that it is flawless, non-patronising and instant. Create a strong logo and make it known.

Logos are never too difficult to figure out unless perhaps your target audience loves puzzles. Else it is pretty pointless having a logo.

Consider various aspects while you design a logo like avoiding visual clichés, poor font choices, unsuitable colour combinations, typographic chaos and even silly spelling mistakes.


It is known that customers often measure the consistency of a company, and brand consistency, therefore, has a tremendous impact on your business. Any business that shows good consistency is presenting a brand’s identity invoking familiarity, loyalty and eventually credibility.

Consistency helps to foster a sense of trust and comfort, which is why promotions and communication is an important aspect of marketing. To build a loyal client base it is essential for brands to interact consistently with their target audience. If any brand fails to do so, they end up losing clients and endure failed business.

When a business presents itself as inconsistent, it appears to be disjointed, unprofessional, and even unreliable.

Be a brand that is consistent with its promotion on website, social media accounts, ads, print materials, etc. Remember, when you are branding products, take one step forward and incorporate an element that will encourage your audience to communicate about the brand. Make a branding scheme that gives your customers something to talk about and this is only possible if your brand is consistent enough.

Keep Your Friends Close And Enemies Closer

Failure to research the competition can be the deadliest of mistakes you’ll ever make. The more you are aware of the industry you work in, the less you have to worry about making mistakes. Especially if you are a booming business, it is essential that you learn about your competitors and have a good look at their branding.

The last thing you want to do is come up with a branding idea similar to your competition, which in turn results in a disadvantage when marketing your brand.

Researching the competition will give you an understanding of where the companies have excelled and where they have failed. Reviewing their work will give you an advantage of not repeating their mistakes and establish your brand accordingly.

Researching your competition is an extensive process and will require you to research in areas including products, services, target audiences, websites and social platforms. If you take the risk of not researching any particular area then you will be threatening your brand with no accurate judgment.

Caution! Replicating a competitor’s strategies without truly understanding them is a big No- No.

Understand Target And Source Of Feedback

Failure to understand your target audience may have ill effects. Understand your target audience before you start selling or even pitching. The first step is to learn how your product can meet the expectation of your audience.

Learn what are the brands being favored by the targeted audience, then accordingly speak to your audience as to how your brand can meet their demands. An essential component of branding is to understand and pitch how a brand can fulfill their demands.

Approach the right sources if you want an accurate feedback. If you wish to measure appropriate goals then step outside the boundaries of positive feedbacks. Taking feedback from sources such as family, friends or employees might give you biased results.

The best is to approach both experts and common people whom you do not know personally. Recently, the best platform for reviews includes both social media and review sites.

Take Help From Expert And Educate Your Employees

Technology in the present era has the potential to leverage a small business to compete with established players. You need to explore the marketing avenues that contribute to building brand awareness.

Don’t think twice to seek the help of a professional right from the foundation of the brand to contributing towards brand awareness. Take assistance from professionals who solely work towards the development of a brand and learn the ropes with them.

A successful branding starts from within your company. Get your employees sensitized by these experts. Your employees are potentially walking talking billboards. It is very important for them to know the brand inside out, they must simply be prepared to answer all the possible questions about your brand.

The power of a brand is often overlooked by a lot of companies. They fail to invest the required time and efforts that go into building a brand. Doing this will only stunt your company’s growth and restrict the opportunities for potential future success.

A brand that is appealing and identifiable helps you stand out and attract customers. A well-crafted brand is the most valuable brand for any business. It also helps in building a loyal customer base.

It is worth investing your time and efforts in developing a good and trustworthy brand. It has never been an easy task to manage a brand, but you should always keep in mind that your business is more than just its products and services.

An integral part of the success of your business will very much depend on the way you shape the experience of your customers. This experience is what defines your brand identity. There’s no looking back for your business once you’ve established trust in your brand.

So, be sure to incorporate all these elements to create something spectacular and see how well it will work for you!

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