Techniques to Design an Awesome Email Newsletter Template

Email marketing is one of the best forms of return on investment if compared with other forms of marketing. Although a majority of email newsletter templates are either deleted instantly or just ignored, email marketing still promises an effective communication with the readers. Building up a quality template and creating interesting content are two different … [Read More…] Techniques to Design an Awesome Email Newsletter Template

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Gamification, by definition, is when standard elements of gameplay, such as scoring points, winning rewards, and following a rule set, are applied to everyday situations, usually as a marketing strategy to create enjoyment from less interesting tasks. Gamification motivates people to engage with products or companies, or temporarily escape to an alternate reality. The list … [Read More…] 10 Suggestions for Incorporating Gamification into Your Marketing Strategy

Boost your Business with Animated Videos on Social Media


In this technology-driven world, our life revolves around posting, commenting, and browsing on social media platforms. Majority of the world’s population is active on Social Media to share their views and moments with everyone. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that Social Media has affected our lives to a great extent. Social … [Read More…] Boost your Business with Animated Videos on Social Media

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Businesses have seen it all. Marketing tricks, lead generation strategies, customer conversion tactics – there isn’t a trade secret they haven’t already used themselves. This, not a longer buyer journey, is what makes B2B sales so challenging. Of course, B2B markets usually have more complex decision-making units, more rational purchases, and less behavioral and needs-based … [Read More…] Why Creativity Is a Crucial Element of B2B Websites That Convert?

Facebook Ads

Want your sales funnel to be more profitable? Wondering how Facebook Lead Ads can help? Well, you’re in luck because we asked a few well-reputed teams about how to optimize your Facebook ads for lead generation. And in this article, we outline everything you need to learn about Lead ads, how to set them up, … [Read More…] How to Win More Customers with Facebook Lead Ads?

Business Cards

If you are a freelancer or just started your own business, it’s essential for you to look appealing and relevant to the maximum prospects. It is also vital to figure out how your brand will look alike. Branding consists of various elements such as the company logo, website, and of course, the product itself. When … [Read More…] Top 10 Online Marketplaces to Get Cool Business Cards