A webinar can be a very effective tool for promoting a business or a brand. It gives you the opportunity to display your expertise in your industry while interacting with customers and prospects. In the process, you will generate qualified leads that could eventually be converted to customers. It would, therefore, be advisable to incorporate … [Read More…] 8 Tips for Effective Webinar Marketing


Startups are often founded when a business idea inspires a founder who can’t stay put until that idea is realized. As a founder, you might have a twinkle in your eye, an inexhaustible resource of energy and a will that literally helps you move mountains. These are the vital ingredients which get the ball rolling. … [Read More…] Launching a Digital Business? Here’s a Five-Point Checklist


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A go-to-market strategy is one that helps businesses deliver their goods and services to customers. Though frequently associated with launching new products, this strategy can also come in handy in every stage of the product lifecycle. Go-to-market strategies offer a wide range of benefits to both large and small businesses. They not only shorten marketing … [Read More…] Tips for an Effective Go-To-Market Strategy


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Nowadays, more and more businesses are incorporating user generated content (UGC) into their marketing strategies. User generated content could be photos, videos, written product reviews, blog comments or social media posts. Research has shown that the buying decisions of most customers are influenced more by user generated content than by brand-produced content. Here are some … [Read More…] How to Make the Most of User Generated Content for Marketing