Everyone wants their blog to be read by the masses. However, with around two million posts being published every day, this is no trivial task. While you may have just written the most articulate piece internet has ever seen, very few people will know it exists if it isn’t optimized for visibility on the search engines. … [Read More…] 4 SEO Tips to Draw in Higher Traffic to Your Blogs


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Unfortunately, most B2B small-startup owners have to learn the hard way: although it may be easier to land business with cheap rates, it has a couple of major downfalls: People who want “cheap” are also usually the most difficult customers, and they burden your resources. By providing cheap services, you are going to need to … [Read More…] 3 Twitter Methods for Startups to Get Better Paying B2B Clients


We know that email marketing works. After all, email is the most preferred form of contact for the majority of customers. Studies have found that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect to receive $40 in return! What makes emails even more effective, time-saving, and profitable for online businesses is automation. Automated … [Read More…] 4 Automation Hacks for Awesome Ecommerce Email Campaigns


The idea of leaving the 9-to-5 lifestyle behind and venturing out as a solopreneur is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for many. In 2015, the independent workforce of freelancers and solopreneurs grew by 12%, with over 18 million workers becoming solopreneurs in some way or form. In order to get your name out there as … [Read More…] How to Strategically Market Your Solopreneurship Endeavor