Reputation Management

In the digital age, a positive online reputation is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes. A few poor reviews and negative posts on any social media platform can ruin your brand’s image that took you so long to build. If not handled properly, reputation management can ultimately spell the end of your business. … [Read More…] 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Reputation Management Firm

Private Cloud Server Network Hosting


Over the last few years, cloud hosting has created a buzz in the IT world. With increasing awareness, it has proven to become tremendously beneficial because of the availability of pooled resources. Approximately 90% of businesses are using cloud technology in one form or another. In this multi-cloud world, there are several options to choose … [Read More…] Why Business Should Move to Private Cloud Hosting?

While most companies today have a digital marketing strategy, not many are actively controlling theirs. What does that mean? That they cannot shape the opinions formed behind their back on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or other social media websites. What they should realize by now is that customer opinion will form, and it is always better to … [Read More…] How Do You Evaluate Digital Marketing Performance?

SEO - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

Local SEO

Unarguably, local search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial if your business aims to entertain customers in the areas its products or services are based in. After all, who makes ice cream in Paris and sells it in New York. Unless, of course, the ice cream parlor has grown significantly and opened a branch in the … [Read More…] 12 Common Local SEO Mistakes businesses make and Here is How to Avoid Them

SEO - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

39 percent of total global Ecommerce traffic comes from searches about relevant keywords. 61 percent of marketers have cited SEO as being a priority. 41 percent of the advertising budget is spent on online marketing by most firms. These statistics illustrate one thing- SEO is essential. This comes as no surprise. After all, we live … [Read More…] Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?