Affiliate Disclosure

On, I (and Right Mix Marketing Inc.) refer our readers to products and services. In some cases I have an affiliate agreeement with the seller and I will receive compensation for the referral. In almost every case, I recommend products and services that I like and use (or have used). In rare cases, I refer you to products that are popular in the industry or are unique or innovative even though I may not use them. You can assume that any links to products and services on my site are affiliate links.

I often buy the products that I promote in order to test them out and use them myself. In certain cases I am provided with a copy of the product or service (for free) in order to try it out. Whether I’ve bought the product, have gotten a review copy for free or have studied the product, I won’t recommend products that I don’t consider quality products sold by trustworthy sources.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me using the contact page.

Thank you!

Tom Treanor
Right Mix Marketing Inc.