eCommerce Checkout UI and UX


Today, the internet is becoming the key sale channel for almost all businesses. Therefore, the growth of e-commerce business for selling goods and services is enhancing with every day passes. If you are the one who is either already engaged or a new to e-commerce business, having attractive UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) … [Read More…] 10 Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Page UI and UX to Increase Conversion

Influencer Marketing

In a world where customers are turning a blind eye to the content that is traditional marketing, influencer marketing is helpful in breaking the ice. Organic influencer content is helpful in getting the brand messages to the customers better than ever. Think about the reviews of product from influencers. It is evaluated that around 67% … [Read More…] Influencer Marketing As a Lean and Effective Way to Grow a Small Business

Common Tips to Fix WordPress Security Threats

WordPress website security is a great concern for WordPress Developers and all those individuals who earn bread and butter from their sites. A better SEO ranking of your website on Google, lots of traffic, leads and sales, a huge database of customers, etc, can be compromised in just a single hacking attempt made by cybercriminals … [Read More…] 6 Common Tips to Fix WordPress Security Threats

SEO And Press Release

Can press release increase SEO rankings in 2019? Press releases are tied up with search engine optimization in the earlier days. Do you think it is still useful to increase SEO ranking in 2019? Sadly, a lot of marketers aren’t aware of how they can optimize their content well that they end up getting kicked out … [Read More…] How Do Press Releases Boost SEO Rankings in 2019?


It goes without saying that the competition today is cut-throat and the odds of taking your business head and shoulders above your rivals requires some serious hard (as well as smart) work. In essence, technology has improved dramatically in the last two decades and more importantly, it has become easily accessible. So, the users today … [Read More…] 3 Reasons to Rethink Your Business Mindset in 2019


Customer reviews are more powerful and influential over buying decisions than ever before. In fact, up to 97% of consumers now say they regularly read online reviews when they encounter a new business. But it’s not just the quality and overall star ratings that matter these days to customers. The majority read at least ten … [Read More…] Trustpilot vs. Which One is Right for You?