Revolution in Digital Marketing: Strategies to Look for 2019

Over the last decade or so the world has established a change in viewpoint from analog to digital. Now a day’s individuals seek for a wide range of information online making digital marketing the most ideal approach for businesses to connect with targeted clients. Digital marketing, basically, can’t be ignored on the grounds that what … [Read More…] Revolution in Digital Marketing: Strategies to Look for 2019

Social Media

Are you conversing with your target audience?  Is your company visible on the new-age-television called ‘social media’? Do you have an active presence on different social networking websites? You are wondering why these questions are important and why it is vital to have ‘YES’ as an answer? Well, as social media users, in other words, … [Read More…] Five Path Breaking Rules to Leverage Social Media for Growth

Social Media Marketing Strategies

2018 was a rather eventful year when we talk about digital marketing. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook saw massive traffic and thousands of brands taking to the platform to promote themselves. The digital market expanded twofold and it was clearly established that online marketing is the go-to option for brands. Come 2019, and we’re ready for an … [Read More…] 6 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Blow Up In 2019

SEO - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

39 percent of total global Ecommerce traffic comes from searches about relevant keywords. 61 percent of marketers have cited SEO as being a priority. 41 percent of the advertising budget is spent on online marketing by most firms. These statistics illustrate one thing- SEO is essential. This comes as no surprise. After all, we live … [Read More…] Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

Mobile Content Marketing Strategy App Business

Mobile is everywhere; it’s a ubiquitous technology that people can’t exist without. Tapping upon this golden opportunity, many businesses are found trending towards the mobile-first approach even when it comes to content marketing. In the following post, we will see how badly it impacts your business for not having an effective mobile content marketing strategy. … [Read More…] How to Gain Profit from an Effective Mobile Content Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

Psychology is a very important and integral part of our life. Unfortunately, many of us have never realized just how powerful it can be in email marketing. Building a communication strategy includes not only advertising, social, and business tips. You have to know your customers’ needs to set tight relations with the audience. Read on … [Read More…] The Guide to Use Marketing Psychology in Your Email Campaign