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Right Mix Marketing is a link building agency that focuses on strategic link development and relationship-based outreach. We are not just any link building company who fetch thousands of links based on surface-level research. Our outreach and link-building campaigns are based on deep research and we prioritize trust and relationships over mere numbers.

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Guest-Contributed Content

Guest posting is a time-tested way of earning a greater number of high-quality links to your website. We guest post on your behalf to trusted, popular, and industry-specific platforms to bring your website not only higher but also relevant traffic on an ongoing basis.

Thought Leadership

It isn’t enough to be good at what you do. The digital landscape today requires business owners to position their companies as industry leaders. We help create and publish content that positions you as a subject matter expert and a go-to source in your space. This enhances your credibility, helps build trust with the target audience, and attracts ever increasing traffic to your website.

Local Citations Building

Since Google search is often the first point of contact between a business and a potential customer, your target audience should be able to find your brick & mortar store online with minimal hassle. We build reliable local citations for your business to bring you greater footfall in-store as well as to take your website higher in search engine rankings.

Infographic Design & Promotion

Infographics are a highly shareable, picture-perfect way of getting a marketing message across. Regardless of the kind of business, we create compelling infographics that convey its strengths in an attractive and memorable way and post them to the right platforms to generate for you a high number of quality backlinks.

Enterprise Link Building

All companies, big and small, need link building to harness the true potential of their brand. We have the manpower and the expertise to handle large scale link building for enterprise clients across channels, while remaining true to the essence of the brand and the existing messaging around it.

Link Building for Agencies

Link building is a time-consuming undertaking and also one that requires an in-depth understanding of Google-approved practices, which can change without notice. By outsourcing their link building requirements to us and trusting our expertise on the matter, agencies can focus on other aspects of building a formidable digital presence for their clients.

Custom Link Building

To bring businesses the right traffic, we research target audiences and find the most relevant places to post content on. We practise a number of tactics to gain the highest exposure for your brand – from reaching out to industry influencers and experts, to replacing old, broken niche-specific links with fresh content, building resource-page links, and conducting competitor analysis.

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How Your Business Benefits From Our Link Building Services

Content brings in the audience, but only when it resonates with them. We ensure your content reaches the right people and gives your brand the exposure it needs for exponential success. With our link building services you can expect to:

  • Reach target audience
  • Create thought leadership
  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate quality backlinks
  • Establish credibility
  • Rise in search engine rankings

It has been a pleasure working with you on our link building campaigns the past few months as we have seen some great growth in a very short period of time. I will absolutely keep Right Mix Marketing in mind down the road and recommend you guys to other friends in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can we try your services to run a pilot campaign?

Can we try your services to run a pilot campaign?

Absolutely! You can get in touch with us even if you need as low as 1 link and as high as 10 links a month. After the trial period, if you are satisfied with our backlinking work, you can decide how many more links you want us to build on a monthly retainer cycle.

What’s the turn around time?

What’s the turn around time?

The average turnaround time for most link-building campaigns is 4 weeks. However, since the Right Mix Marketing team takes special care to tailor the campaign as per your business needs and goals, you can expect a short ramp-up period of 6 weeks in the beginning. We are constantly working to improve our turnaround time; however, our primary focus is to deliver quality results as quickly as possible!

How long are links guaranteed for?

How long are links guaranteed for?

Our team works hard to build links for you. Since we prioritize relevance and authority, most websites retain the links for several years. So, we guarantee the links for at least 12 months. However, in case a website removes your link within this period, our team will replace it without you having to bear any additional cost.

Do you use PBNs?

Do you use PBNs?

Absolutely not. PBNs or Private Blog Networks is a popular gray-hat link building technique that can hamper your business reputation in the long run. Right Mix Marketing is well-known for providing white-hat link building tactics that can positively impact your search ranking and brand reputation.

Effective link building demands hard work and persistence. We work with trusted websites to get you quality traffic. We believe in creating scalable and ethical link building strategies to improve your website traffic. Our high standards make sure that we avoid any such unscrupulous marketing tactics that are not only harmful to our client’s reputation but also against Google’s norms.

Get on a call with us and we can share a few of our link-building case studies.

Do you offer white-label link building?

Do you offer white-label link building?

Yes. Our customers’ approval and preferences is of the highest importance to us! If non-disclosure for your clients is required, we will happily sign a contract for the same. Be rest assured that your client will never know that we took care of your link building endeavors. With our white label link building services, you are free to focus on other aspects of your business. So, say bye-bye to stress and worries!

Do you offer discount for agencies?

Do you offer discount for agencies?

Yes! We are happy to offer you a 15 percent discount on the total monthly retainer price if you refer us to two or more clients for a test trial. Let’s connect and understand your business needs and objectives. We can take it ahead from there!

What if you don’t deliver the work? Will I get a refund?

What if you don’t deliver the work? Will I get a refund?

Our team is well-known to deliver high-quality backlinks by the end of the month or at the end of a project cycle. When we anticipate a longer scheduling cycle for targeted websites, we proactively notify our client. At Right Mix Marketing, our primary goal is to complete a task assigned to us with utmost satisfaction and quality. At times it takes longer than promised to achieve the ultimate goal; but getting quality results will always remain our priority.

Along with quality links we also believe in building healthy and strong relationships with our clients. We refrain from offering refunds as it negatively affects the long-term relationship we are in. However, we assure you of our continued services for as long as you need to get your project completed. We would do anything to see that smile on your face and add you to our list of satisfied clients.