Infomous – An Awesome Blog Post and News Discovery and Display Tool

Great news discovery tool - Infomous

Move aside boring word clouds or lists of resources – enter Infomous. This awesome interactive word cloud tool allows you to display the contents of a search, trending topics, or the contents of one or more blogs and websites.

It’s great to play around with but also has some practical applications, such as giving your readers an interactive way to discover your content or displaying an updated word cloud of topics trending on a particular platform.

See the video below for a more thorough explanation:

Note that I switched out my blog’s URL and put in my blog’s RSS feed instead for the cloud in my sidebar (as the one with the blog’s URL also pulled mentions or links to my blog)

What do you think of Infomous? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Carole Hayward says:

    I’ve been exploring this since I saw your Tweet this morning. I could see a lot of potential in a tool like this. Do you know if the difference in size of the various keywords works like Wordle where its determined by frequency of use or if it is determined by number of related stories that go with that term? Also, in a couple of my searches, I found some seemingly disconnected terms showing up, such as Australia. Have you had that experience? Thanks for sharing the great resource, especially how to embed it.

  2. Hi – Wondered how you see the differentiation with bottlenose which I see as rather similar

  3. This is interesting! Immediately went to Infomous site after watching the video for explanation. It’s really awesome, and you can try any search. Thanks for sharing this! It’s really cool!

  4. We use Infomous to build a word cloud of the topics surrounding today’s most trending news on It’s a fantastic service, particularly when we coupled it with social signals, but I’m sure there’s a ton of other applications/mashups yet to be seen!