How to Pick a Twitter #hashtag for Your Blog Post

Using hashtags on Twitter is a great way to let people know that your article pertains to a specific topic that they might care about. There are actually people who track certain hashtags or search Twitter using hashtags that they care about.

Let’s take a recent post for example. It’s a guest post by Ryan Hanley about podcasting as a key part of content marketing. I don’t regularly write about podcasts (although I’ve hosted one, been interviewed on several and listen to them regularly). So I don’t have any specific knowledge about which hashtags are used.

So, how can I find out what hashtags are used?

1) A Commonsense Guess

For this topic, I guess that #podcast or #podcasting will be potential hashtags. Before I use them though, I can validate which one is actually used.

2) Run Your Guesses Through

Put the hashtag in the box at the top right of

How to Pick a Twitter #hashtag for Your Blog Post

Look at what we get for #podcast

How to Pick a Twitter #hashtag for Your Blog Post

Here’s what we get for #podcasting

#podcasting hashtag statistics

Big difference isn’t it?

Hint: hashtags will usually be compact to save space for the rest of the words or links in the Tweet!

3) Do Some Searches in Twitter on the Relevant Hashtag

Let’s say we wanted to see if other hashtags were used related to this topic. Pick the hashtag that’s used the most and run a search in Twitter. You’ll find what other people who right about this topic are also using.

For example, for podcast tweets, I’m finding that most of them also include a hashtag of the topic. For example, #sports, #mobile, #Beethoven, etc.

Why don’t you check to see if #Beethoven is actually being used regularly? Let us know in the comments.

4) What Are Power Users Using?

If you know someone who tweets about this topic a lot, you can look find them on Twitter and see what hashtags they use related to the topic or industry.

5) Document Hashtags You Notice While Online

While on Twitter, you’ll see hashtags that you may want to use later. Capture these in your notes, Evernote, or wherever you save things for later use. Note that some hashtags are one-offs (e.g. #readyformynap – just made it up), are a trending topic, could be part of a Twitter chat, or may be related to an event. See more about hashtags here.

6) Run a Google Search

You can always search in Google to see what hashtags people are using for a specific industry. You may find that some site or blog has documented a list. You can double check the usage of these hashtags using

I hope that gives you a practical way to find and use relevant hashtags. Don’t put more than one or two per post and don’t always include a hashtag! You can replace a word with a “hashtagged” version of itself or you can include one or key hashtags near the end of your tweet.

What Interesting Hashtags did you find?

Let me know if you found any interesting hashtags related to your industry in the comments!

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  1. excellent tool this thanks for sharing, it is exactly the tool i was looking for!
    best regards!
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  2. Great tips, thanks!

    This line above is confusing: “I don’t regularly write about hashtags (although I’ve hosted one, been interviewed on several and listen to them regularly).”

    Did you mean “I don’t regularly write about podcats”?
    Amy Scott recently posted..FAQ: What Is Location Independence?My Profile

  3. I never cared about adding hashtags to my tweets but after reading this article I’ll give it a try. I would suggest checking out which keywords have lots of searches through Google Adwords Keyword Tool and use them as hastags. It might work, who knows.
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  4. Twitter is one of the popular social media site to get indexed quickly by the search engine and we can get huge traffic from the same. These information seems to be very helpful to produce hashtags in twitter for blogs. I appreciate your post.
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  5. Good thing to know. Will keep this in mind when I write my next blog. Thanks!
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  6. “The more proper and appropriate hash tags, the better the chances for our posts to be found. :)”

  7. In all fairness, hash tags can also comtribute so much in our posts. For me, it’s like adding some directions leading to our posts. :)

  8. Kristine from bali hut says:

    Agree! But we must be very careful in choosing the hash tags too. They must be related to the post or at least parallel to the idea. :)

  9. I love hash tags. :) It’s like promoting your post and earning more and more audience that will appreciate it. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  10. So Tom, picking a hashtag is kinda like researching keywords and their competition right? Seems to be just as important as well. Thanks for explaining, Tom. Keep up the great work!
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