4 Things You Need to Consider Implementing a Small Business Social Media Strategy

5 Things You Need to Consider Implementing a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Gone are the days when the only way for business owners to earn and engage customers was the door-to-door marketing tactic. Although, there are a few owners who still believe in traditional marketing, the majority of the businesses are now adapting to this innovative trend called social media marketing. Small business owners usually have more […]

10 of the Best Content Marketing Books

Best content marketing books

A content marketer’s skill set is broader than just writing. They need to be versed in design, SEO, social media marketing and a host of other disciplines. With that in mind, Wrike pulled together a slideshare of 10 of the best books for content marketers. Not all of them have “content marketing” in the title! […]

The 10 Essential Elements of a Content Engine

The 10 Essential Elements of a Content Engine

Content marketing is a critical component of your company’s marketing strategy. In order to be successful marketing with engaging, educational or entertaining content, it’s essential that you have a “content engine” in place. What’s a Content Engine? A content engine is the people, processes and tools that deliver high quality, targeted and consistent content in […]

Standing Out In a World of Content Overload #CMWorld 2014 Takeaways

Standing Out In a World of Content Overload #CMWorld 2014 Takeaways

After attending Content Marketing World 2014, it’s become clear to me that we’re going to have a lot more companies marketing with content going forward. In addition, current content marketers will produce more content as well as better content (making it harder to stand out for all of us). Here are my takeaways from Content […]

Spamming Your Customers Away In Social Media

Spam in social media

In today’s digital world, it is easy for consumers to get overwhelmed. For a number of years, companies have been bombarding people with advertisements across the internet. Now, with Facebook, Google, YouTube and other popular websites available to us constantly through our smartphones and tablets, most people find advertising in their face all day long. […]

10 Social Media Lessons Learned from Ford – Scott Monty New Media Expo Keynote #nmx

10 Social Media Lessons From Ford

Scott Monty, the global head of social media for Ford delivered a compelling keynote presentation today at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas that provides valuable lessons for businesses of all sizes. For the last several years, Ford has been one of the most innovative brands when it comes to online marketing and social […]

Are you Lip-Syncing your Social Media Marketing?

Beyonce Lip Syncing?

Breaking news – another singer (Beyonce) accused of lip-syncing. Is this really news? We’ll let the public decide whether Beyonce gets added to the list of lip-syncing stars including Milli Vanilli, Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson. In fact, the backing band (whose member accused Beyonce of lip-synching) has also been accused of not really playing […]

Three Easy Steps To Building Your Small Business

Three Easy Steps to Building Your Small Business

Guest post by Erin Palmer of the University Alliance Love it, loathe it, or simply feel lukewarm about it, you can’t live without social media. According to a recent study conducted and reported by Manta, 90% of the more than 600 small business owners surveyed are currently networking online. Nearly 40% reported spending a quarter of […]

Pinterest & Marketing: Good or Bad? The Survey Results Are In!


Pinterest is Hot Pinterest is the current darling of social media. It landed in the top 10 social media properties in November according to Experian Hitwise with 31 million total visits, notably beating out Google+. It grew an amazing 4,000 percent in six months as of December 2011 (Hitwise, Cnet). And It Seems To Be […]

Pinterest Frenzy. Will Marketers Kill It?


Pinterest comes onto the radar Pinterest came onto my radar in a big way through a couple of groups that I participate in on LinkedIn (including my group). I decided that a good way to learn about it was to tread lightly, connect with a few friends, and curate the best articles into a Pinterest […]