24 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post (Infographic)


As I mentioned in the post about blog promotion strategies, each blog post is a mini-campaign. With this infographic, you can see 24 different ways to optimize your blog content form maximum SEO, social media shares and reader satisfaction. Some important blog writing tips include: Use visuals in your post to increase social shares Strategically include […]

The (often misunderstood) Blog’s Place in Your Marketing Strategy

The (often misunderstood) Blog’s Place in Your Marketing Strategy

Ask ten people about a blog’s role in a company (especially at a B2B company) and you’ll likely get ten completely different answers. It’s a place for a company to post product updates. It’s a place to share news about the company. It’s a place to put afterthoughts that have no place elsewhere on the […]

5 Business Blogging Myths That Will Hold You Back (Infographic)


Your business blog can be one of your most valuable marketing assets. It can improve your search engine optimization. It can drive awareness of your company via social media shares of your content. In addition, it can establish you as an authority in your space. but certain myths and misconceptions may stop you from taking […]

150 Killer Blog Post Ideas for 2015

150 Killer Blog Post Ideas

As you do your content planning for the new year, it’s a great time to breathe some life into your business blog with some completely new types of content. Here are 150 post ideas by type (and with some examples) to inspire you to succeed with you content marketing in 2015! Bookmark it or save […]

Revving Up Your Content Engine for Better Content Marketing

Revving Up Your Content Enigine #contentmarketing

Your company’s Content Engine supports your content marketing strategy. Without a repeatable approach to content, your strategy will move too slowly to make significant traction in the market. I was honored to be the featured guest for Atomic Chat on Monday to talk about Content Engines. If you missed it, here are highlights of the […]

Can Sales and Marketing Work Together? Lessons from #CMWorld Twitter Chat

Can Sales and Marketing Work Together?

How can sales and marketing work together? Does sales “get” content marketing? Do marketers deliver what sales needs? These are the types of questions addressed in the recent Content Marketing Institute Twitter Chat on Content and Sales hosted by Carla Johnson. It was a compelling chat packed with insights from Carla as well as the […]

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries

Content Marketing is not just for marketing firms or tech companies. More “traditional” companies can take advantage of great content that engages, entertains or informs potential customers and drives some percentage into the company’s sales funnel. To coincide with my hosting of Content Chat, I’m providing a few examples of content marketing in traditional industries. […]

4 Creative Ways to Churn, Reuse, and Duplicate Your Content Marketing Efforts

Reuse your content marketing

Post by Rohan Ayyar Traditional marketing was – and still is – expensive. It’s also a vague shot in the dark, practically speaking. Then came the Internet, bringing online marketing with it. Digital marketing ought to have been inexpensive, practical, and result-oriented. It allows for inbound marketing and other much better ways of marketing. Content […]

Can You Measure Content Marketing & Social Media ROI?


Guest post by Michael Higashi The catch phrase of 2013 seems to be “Big Data” – the concept of how massive amounts of strategic data collection (can you say “google”), analysis and targeting can generate huge ROI for businesses. I’ve written how I believe technology for marketers has finally caught up (technology-wise and cost-effectiveness) to […]

21 Tips to Make Oodles of Content in Less Time

21 Tips to make oodles of content in less time

In content marketing, there’s never enough time. It’s like a grandfather clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Before you know it, the time’s run out. If you’ve got a bit of extra budget, and the right ideas on board, you can make plenty of content in a lot less time. Using other people’s expertise 1. Freelance […]