The One Essential Ingredient To Your Company’s Social Media Success

management commitment to social media success

Social Media

management commitment to social media successYou’ve finally decided that your company needs to get serious about Social Media. Or at least, you want to “establish a presence”.

That’s good news. You’ve been avoiding this for awhile.

So you’ve appointed a person responsible for your social media activities. That might include some content creation for your blog. It may include establishing or growing your Facebook presence. It may also include developing a presence in one or more other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube.

They’ve accepted the challenge. So what are the elements that can give your strategy more chance of success?

It all hinges on one key element: “Management Commitment”

What is “Management Commitment” to social media?

  • Agreement that this is important
  • Allocating dedicated time, resources and budget
  • Openness to getting outside help or training
  • Including it as an agenda item in key meetings
  • Integrating it with other marketing initiatives
  • Having articulated goals for the social media efforts
  • Allowing for experimentation, creativity and failures
  • Accepting the possibility of some negative consequences (e.g. visible complaints, the occasional online faux pas)
  • Tracking activities and results

What it’s not:

  • Treating this as an “if you have time” activity
  • Presuming low return on investment (and creating a self-fulfilling result)
  • Allowing schedules to slip or content to go un-created
  • Something to be 100% outsourced
  • Starving it of time, resources and budget

So now that you’ve decided to expand your company’s presence in social media, are you committed?

What challenges do you see with running an effective social media program?

Tom Treanor is the founder of the Right Mix Marketing blog. He’s the author of the Search Engine Boot Camp, the co-author of Online Business Productivity, and regularly speaks at industry and corporate events. His writing has been featured on the Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Copyblogger and other leading industry blogs.