Is Your Online Reputation Positive?

We sometimes forget about our online reputation until we’re ready to make a change – like finding a new job or looking for a new “love of our life”. When a potential employer or date asks us about something they found online, it suddenly reminds us – time to go Google myself. Ouch, that can hurt!

Obviously companies can have issues with this as well. Negative product reviews and complaints can be hard to forget when every time we search, they’re right there.

If your online reputation is negative, the most effective solution is to bury it with other, more positive content (i.e. via fast, easy blogging techniques). Removals are notoriously hard and time-consuming. Obviously, consider improving your products or services if the complaints have some truth to them – that’s a different issue…

The following infographic does a great job of explaining reputation management. Have you Googled yourself or your company lately?

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Did you find anything negative?

Let me know what you think about reputation management in the comments!

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This is a great visual representation of what & why you should be checking your online reputation.

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