1. It’s easy to see why everyone should be using social media these days. It’s where a lot of interaction is taking place and is turning into a key part of where we find out about new information. Even libraries, police departments, and cities can get involved and create a following and contribute valuable ideas and information. Thanks for the post!
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  2. Hi Tom, I have always believed that to stand out of the crowd, we sometimes have to literally stand alone out of the crowd. Your post pretty much emphasizes the same.

    Its simple. Discarding the old trends and accepting the new trends is the key. Its about survival of the fittest. Marketing is all about evolution. Organizations that are not willing to come on board may have their own agendas, but what difference does it make when audiences are shifting on board?
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    1. Yogesh – I completely agree. The organization may be less willing but the customers are there already reading your competitor’s posts or watching their videos! Thanks for stopping by..

  3. I think being social is important, but I think the main reason companies/blogs/municipals should go social is not to gain the trust of “random wanderers” that may pass by, but to create brand loyalty. I think a company/blog/municipal can make their visitors loyal visitors that always come back is 10 times more powerful than have thousands of random people. Brand loyalty builds trust, even with

  4. Social marketing is the buzz word of today’s business arena. There is so much happening on the social front, that if an Organisation does not take care of its social ratings, it can certainly be thrown out by the competitors. Creating a social media campaign can bring in loads of valuable results in terms of sales as well as brand loyalty. The infographic is simply amazing. Thanks for the share.

  5. Social Media is the easy way to reach a greater number of audience than through any other medium and I believe all sorts of businesses should use this platform for promotional purposes regardless of the industry they are in. Great share.

  6. Internet marketing can be hard, especially for established companies that are led by those who are used to more traditional methods. There are so many facets of internet marketing, like social media for example, that can be fully utilized and make a huge difference, even in the least likely of industries. Putting your company out there and bringing in a social media expert or consultant to help you get started can make all the difference nowadays.

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