How Instagram Can Help You Build Your Personal Brand

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How Instagram Can Help You Build Your Personal Brand

If you’re running a business, your personal brand can be a powerful tool in boosting the reputation of your company. Your social media profiles and interactions are key to building a strong following that can extend to your business brand as well. Instagram might not be the first social network you consider for this purpose, but the truth is that the platform has a great potential for this type of marketing. Here are 7 ways in which you can use Instagram to build a powerful personal brand.

1. Optimize your profile

When adding your profile picture, make sure to create consistency by using the same picture in all your social media profiles. Choose a handle that is similar to your business name – it will make you easier to find in search results.

Use the limited bio space to explain what your business is about and why you’re on Instagram. It’s a good idea to create a special Instagram landing page on your website and place a link to it on your profile.

2. Showcase your skills

You’re running a profile on Instagram because you want people to engage with you and by extension with your business. That’s why you need to simply ooze expertise – others should be able to easily tell what are your qualifications and strong points.

Post pictures which describe what you do and show what you offer. Client testimonials and reviews are excellent social proof as well – choose the right format and go for it. Make sure to add the client’s name and date of the review. Finally, post pictures which show how people can reach out to you to foster engagement.

3. Use various formats

Show bits of your professional and personal life on both pictures and short videos. Videos are increasingly important for driving engagement on social media, so share short clips showing your lifestyle, hobbies or vacations. Share pictures of things you’re interested in to add a human face to your brand. Be genuine and authentic.

4. Promote your content

If your business is producing lots of interesting content on your company blog and other media outlets, be sure to share your best posts with your Instagram followers. Once you write a blog post, use a smart app like Canva to create a custom graphic for it and update your Instagram bio to include the URL to your post. Post the picture, and write a caption with ‘Link in bio’ and smart call-to-action. That’s how you can gain lots of additional website traffic from this visual social network.

5. Tag your Instagram posts during industry events

We all know the value of attending industry events – they’re just the best for expanding professional networks, meeting people that could connect us to new opportunities and learning a thing or two about the sector’s future. One way to get more exposure on Instagram is posting pictures and videos of yourself at those events.

You’ll look like a professional who is deeply involved with the industry and always interested in acquiring new knowledge. Upload pictures of yourself while speaking to the audience or selfies with other attendees. Keeping up with the industry is key if you want to maintain your competitive edge – and that’s something your followers will notice.

6. Be consistent

Every time you’re posting a photo to Instagram make sure to use similar settings – that’s how you’ll develop a certain visual style for your online presence. Stick to a color palette that reflects your brand and ensure that the objects your photographs and layout of your photos fit together. Every single image you post should be of high quality and fit your personal brand strategy – don’t share pictures just because you feel obliged to be regular about it. You don’t want to fill your profile with irrelevant content.

7. Engage your followers

You need to ensure that your photos are easy to find by people who are searching for similar topics. That’s why you should make good use of hashtags – including your company hashtag used all over social media. Try no more than 1 or 2 such hashtags in your post description – you can list the rest of them in the first comments to the photo. Encourage your followers to use these hashtags as well.

You need to keep the conversations going, so ask questions in your posts and respond to any comments that appear under your photos. Show your followers that you’re present and available for an online exchange – be sure to engage with their posts as well. This is how you build a loyal group of followers who dig your personal brand.

Developing a strong personal brand on social media requires a fair amount of patience and consistent work. Dealing with a visual medium like Instagram can be challenging at the beginning, but once you establish your style and build a following, you can effectively use functionalities like hashtags to bring in more people to your profile and engage with them to your brand’s benefit.

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  1. Frenson great article.

    Being consistent is the main thing here because I have seen people who start Instagram marketing with passion and next week, they no longer even sign in to their accounts.

    It is all about consistency.

    Nice ideas for businesses.

  2. I’m just researching how effective Instagram can be in terms of personal branding, compared with all the other social media outlets out there. It’s something I’ll be experimenting with myself in the near future, thanks for the tips.

  3. I like this post,I like the way you said about using canva when you have a new post to share, suppose it be a good idea putting link to that post as well in photo. I also learned to put most tags in the comments which is a good idea then the post won’t be so cluttered,

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