3 Non-Intuitive Social Media Truths

Social Media

Contrary to what some companies think, Social Media is not just a content distribution channel. It’s not a free, one way, message-blasting tool. It’s also not a completely predictable, controlled environment.

It’s a tool for engagement, for valuable two-way communications, for market research, for customer support, and for building deeper connections between your brand and people who are interested in your brand, products, message, deals, or the content you provide.

Thee Non-Intuitive Social Media Truths

Here are three important Social Media Truths gleaned from masters of the medium (each in their own unique ways). Lessons that your management and employees would be wise to internalize for maximum success (and to avoid unnecessary failures).

Seth Godin…

Seth Godin Quote

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Your competitors may be working to outsmart you, but they may not be trying to “outlove” you!

Via Seth’s blog

Gary Vaynerchuk…

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This doesn’t need a lot of explanation – authenticity matters.

Via Gary’s book, The Thank You Economy

Peter Shankman…

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If your company is pushing one thing (because intellectually it makes sense) but your customers keep demanding that other thing, pay attention!

Via Peter Shankman’s Blog World LA Keynote


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