10 Myths About Instagram For Business

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With 15 million registered businesses that are using Instagram to promote their products, and reach a wider audience, it is clear that this social network is probably the future of marketing and advertising. Since there are so many companies who are competing against each other, brands need to come up with various new strategies that will work for them in this environment. With that said, there are many methods out there that are supposedly foolproof, but they might not work every single time. For instance, if your brand’s Instagram is more popular than a Facebook page, it doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your Facebook marketing strategy. You will still get the traffic to your website from both sources.

Instagram has more than 800 million users at the moment, and that number will undoubtedly grow. So if you are searching for your target audience, this is where you will find them. Some businesses are hesitant to start marketing on Instagram because many myths are surrounding this social network. For instance, let’s imagine a brand that is trying to reach the male audience because they sell beard care products. They might overlook Instagram because the majority of users are female. But if they did their homework, they would have discovered that over 30% of Instagram users are in fact male. That is more than enough for creating a good customer base over there.

Other companies have recognized the power of Instagram, and they are communicating with their clients on a daily basis through photos, videos, and stories. Instagram users check their feeds often, so if you want to promote a product, or announce a sale, they will see it right away. Plus, you don’t have to worry about professional looking content, especially when it comes to Instagram stories. Instagram became well-known due to the use of various photo filters that will enhance the look of the images. With one of the photo editing apps, you can go even further and upload amazing photos straight from your camera roll.

Instagram is an essential tool for every prosperous business that wants to become popular across the globe. Online presence is significant when it comes to building a brand, so ignoring the possibilities provided by Instagram is not a good move, especially in the long run. Many myths surround this platform, and the effectiveness of their business profiles imagined to help out businesses. Proessaywriting debunked them all in the infographics below so keep reading.

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