The Most Important 6 Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2015

Google Algorithm Changes

Google is known for bringing out numerous algorithm updates every year.

Whenever a new algorithm makes an entry or a major change is made to its existing algorithm by the search engine giant, webmasters and SEOs begin preparations for changing their strategies, lest their websites’ rankings or organic traffic get impacted.

2015 was no different with Google making a few significant changes to its algorithms Panda and Phantom. There were no fixes in its Penguin update, which was quite a surprise. The biggest overhaul came in the form of its mobile-friendly update or Mobilegeddon and the revelation of RankBrain, the machine learning AI system that plays a crucial role in ranking.

Here is a GIFographic by E2M which sums up 2015 in terms of the most noteworthy changes made to Google’s algorithms.

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2015


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Thanks the article was really informative with the list of 2015 seo updates.

Step 13

Do you happen to have a history of every single update and their timeline?

Nikolay Stoyanov

RankBrain will be the real revolution here. I feel that we have only scratched the surface. It will take much more time and research to see what kind of potential this baby has.

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