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I spent a day and a half at Blog World LA and have already written two detailed posts about it Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan Talk Google Plus For Business and 19 Lessons From Peter Shankman. I have one more Blog World article to go (after this one)! This post will be the “eye candy” post. Hey, I brought my Nikon, zoom lense and Flip, so I might as well use them, right?  By the way, I saved the best for last, so don’t forget to watch the video at the end…

Okay, let’s get started!

Why Guy Kawasaki loves Google Plus (Video)

Here you can hear from the horse’s mouth why he loves Google Plus and how he segments his connections between Facebook and Google Plus. Get other details here.

Note to Self: Things change (duh!). A couple of years ago, Guy was focusing 90% of his energies on turning his Twitter crank for and Holy Kaw! and Facebook was an after-thought (“good for pictures and video” if I remember what he said correctly). Then with Enchantment, he seemed to get pretty deep into Facebook. It’s easier to share all those pictures of the Kawasaki butterfly there than on Twitter – although he “has people” and automation to keep the Twitter crank turning. Now, he’s “enchanted” with Google Plus and seems to be writing off Twitter and Facebook to a degree.

Mari Smith in all of her Turquoise glory!

Yes, Mari loves the color Turquoise and one meaning of turquoise is “integrity”. She went deeper on that topic (there were additional layers of meaning) – maybe she can leave the exact meaning in the comments below!  By the way, she has a great Irish/Canadian accent if you ever have a chance to hear her in person!

Note to self: I have to find a color I can stand wearing ever day and I need to sell the idea to my wife. Or maybe a hat. Let me know in the comments if you have ideas about a unique look I could adopt.

Mari Smith Blog World LA #BWELA

Peter Shankman Keynote

For details, click here for the Peter Shankman Keynote post. Here’s a shot of Peter in mid-keynote.

Note to self: HARO? Wish I’d thought of that! Oh, and executed the idea too…

Peter Shankman Blog World LA Keynote Speach

Amber Naslund Keynote

Amber (of Radian6 and did an awesome job on her “We Are Wayfarers: Owning The Seas of Change” keynote. Very inspiring in this industry of constant change!

Note to self: For next keynote speach, need to decide whether to toss around F-bombs like Peter Shankman or keep it clean and inspirational like Amber.

Amber Naslund Radian 6 Blog World LA Keynote

Joe Pulizzi and Jay Baer – Opening The Kimono

Probably the “most creative use of props” prize goes to the team of Joe Pulizzi and Jay Baer. They came out in kimonos and used an innovative voting tool (laser pointers) to get great crowd participation.

Note to self: Find creative ways to get the crowd engaged and moving (especially in a long, three-day event)

Jay Baer and kimono Blog World LA
Jay Baer in full kimono

Joe Pulizzi kimono Blog World LA
Joe Pulizzi sporting a nice look

Audience voting via laser pointer!

Technorati State of the Blogosphere

Shani Higgins, CEO of Technorati, presented on the state of the Blogosphere and afterward Mikal E. Belicove interviewed her.

Note to self: If ever interviewed by Mikal, be prepared…very prepared. He doesn’t throw softballs.

Shani Higgins and Mikal E. Belicove Blog World LA #BWELA

Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan Redux

This is an eye candy post, remember? I have some better shots than the one I put in the post, so here they are….There’s another video below that too (a Guy Kawasaki story).

Guy Kawasaki Blog World 2011
Guy Kawasaki looking animated

Chris Brogan Blog World LA 2011
Chris Brogan, post “Google Plus” presentation

Guy Kawasaki’s Goal (great story!)

All in all, a great event, even though I missed more than half of it! Great job by Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin and their BlogWorld team to regularly pull together such a major event for the blogging community.

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> I hope you enjoyed the pictures (and videos). Let me know what you thought in the comments and I’ll bring my camera and video camera out a little more!
> Did you do a Blog World LA wrap-up post that I missed? Let me know!

(All Photos and Videos. Credit: Tom Treanor, Right Mix Marketing Inc.)

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