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Pinterest is a bit of a revolutionary way for us to consume Web content – especially for visually based learners. The easy scrolling through images and captions makes it easy to pick out what is interesting and relevant versus just noise – and the share-ability of things is unrivaled in its simplicity. There are so many things that I love about Pinterest, but the platform is often viewed as a way to get new recipes and decorating ideas – and often forgotten about in the professional sense. That said, if you aren’t using it professionally, you should be! There are tons of great, relevant boards out there – it’s just a matter of finding them. And with that, I unveil my top 15 must-follow Pinterest boards for bloggers.

1. Melanie Nelson’s Blogging Tips

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/melanienelson/blogging-tips/

This board is chock full of tips completely focused on blogging, writing, and marketing. Though content continually evolves, some of the notable current topics include “How to Create a Custom Pin it Hover on Your Blog,” “How to Use Google+ for Your Online Giveaway,” “11 Content Marketing Lessons Learned From 20 of the Top 100 Blogs,” and more.

2. Up Search Digital’s Blogging & Content Marketing

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/upsearchdigital/blogging-contentinbound-marketing/

This board, fully focused on blogging and content/ inbound marketing offers useful articles and tips for sure (see the current pin on How to Create Content Ideas for a Client), but also a series of blogger humor items and inspirations (ie; the Top Viral Videos of 2013). It takes a bit more thought as you scan given the variety, but that’s part of what makes it interesting.

3. Mike Allton’s Blogging

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/mikeallton/blogging/

A bit more intense than some of the others, new bloggers will find countless hard-hitting how to’s, information about relevant WordPress plugins, and tactical pieces. Current pins include everything from “3 Things Every New Blogger Needs to Know” to pins such as “Blogging 101: So You Want to Start a Blog?” and “The Best Plugins to Start a WordPress Blog.”

15 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

4. Tom Treanor About Blogging

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/tomtreanor/about-blogging/

Small business bloggers – this is the board for you. The About Blogging board is all about blogging for small business and frequently covers traffic, content, and how to’s. There is tons of information about brainstorming blog ideas, as well as a wealth of resources on improving blog performance, business blogging tips, and more.

5. Adrian Fusiarski WordPress

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/bzzzsocial/wordpress/

So many bloggers use the WordPress platform for their blog, so this board is particularly relevant as it covers all things WordPress. From WordPress tutorials through guides on the latest and greatest plugins, theme updates, and security practices, if you are a WordPress user, this is the board that will pull it all together for you.

6. Erica Mueller’s Blog Stuff

URL:  http://www.pinterest.com/ericamueller/blog-stuff/

This upbeat board covers all things related to the general idea of blogs. Think media kits for your blog, how to add text to your images like a pro, tips for how to combine fonts within a document, productivity secrets – the list goes on. One thing nice about this board in particular is that it extends from tips to improve our blogs to tips for improving our overall work practices.

7. Denise Wakeman’s Social Marketing Tips

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/denisewakeman/social-marketing-tips/

Social marketing is all the rage these days, so this board – completely dedicated to social marketing tips, tricks, and infographics – is perfectly on par. Recent pins range from “8 Insights That Demystify Teen Usage of Social Media” to infographics about re-rising social media relics and women’s use of top social media.

8. Dash Burst

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/dashburst/
Though not specifically focused on blogging, Dash Burst is the perfect way to mix up your day and find a bit of inspiration. Self-named “your guide to the Web and social media,” this Pinterest board features a variety of photography, infographics, quotes, art through advertising; legos; and more, and plenty of other quick scans to wake your mind up. I can’t possibly put into words all the awesomeness on this board, so please – check it out.

9. Anna Fox Internet Marketing

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/annafox7965/internet-marketing/

This board is your internet marketing hub – it truly is all things internet marketing. From tips on making interesting YouTube video intros to ebook promotional tricks, ways to build trust through content marketing, reviews of social media trends and more, this business-focused board has a wealth of useful information.

Internet Marketing Pinterest

10. Ileane Smith Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/ileane/pinterest-tips-for-bloggers/

Much of the content on this board, per the title, focuses on how bloggers can better make use of Pinterest – novel, huh? Though the topics constantly change, you’ll find ways to strategically optimize your Pinterest page, information about when to post on Pinterest for the best returns, how to avoid hackers, do’s and don’ts and more.

11. Anil Wanwar’s Social Media Marketing

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/aniltanwar/social-media-marketing/

This social media marketing-focused Pinterest board brings information that spans the full breadth of today’s marketing landscape. Tips about Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook remain king, but viewers will also find general social media rules, information about social media management software and programs, new apps, and industry news.

12. Mark Traphagen’s SEO

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/MarkTraphagen/seo/

This board is like mecca for bloggers and anyone who writes for the Web. Since the rules of SEO are always changing, what’s more appropriate than a Pinterest board that consistently brings you the latest and greatest in all things SEO? Infographics, current articles and news, tips on essentials, and more make this board a goldmine.

13 Kami Carcia

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/kamigarcia/writing-tips-tricks-tools/

This board is all about writing tips and tools. Though there are some infographics and memes, the bulk of the content here is pretty business-focused – think editing tips, ways to increase business and writing productivity, and general industry and business knowledge. Though meant for all types of writers, bloggers will find plenty to chew on.

14. WritersCentreNorwich

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/writerscentre/writing-rules-hints-and-tips/
This is another writer-centric board that speaks to all types of writers, from bloggers to novelists. You’ll find inspirational pieces and quotes, writing tips and advice, and plenty of writing-relevant lists.

15. Tom Treanor’s Just Great Blog Posts

URL: http://www.pinterest.com/tomtreanor/just-great-blog-posts/

There comes a moment (or many moments) in a blogger’s work when we all hit that roadblock of idea block or writer’s block; this Pinterest board is the perfect antidote. Though it isn’t necessarily focused on blogger tips, it is a great way to re-find inspiration through other fantastic blog posts on any number of subjects. Even if you aren’t able to unblock your current block, at least you’ll get to enjoy some great reads.

I recommend all of these boards, but know that there are TONS of boards out there on Pinterest. Have a favorite I didn’t mention? Let me know!

About the Author: Jerry Low

Jerry Low is the founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed – a must visit web hosting review site for web host shoppers. As a geek dad who lives and breaths SEO, he enjoys writing SEO and web marketing guides. You can connect and get more from him on Google+.

Tom Treanor is the founder of the Right Mix Marketing blog. He’s the author of the Search Engine Boot Camp, the co-author of Online Business Productivity, and regularly speaks at industry and corporate events. His writing has been featured on the Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Copyblogger and other leading industry blogs.


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  2. Wow, what a great list! I didn’t even realize you could use Pinterest for your blog posts, but I guess it makes sense, especially if you have info graphics.

  3. I thought I was pretty dialed in to WHO the top Content Marketing people were. but as the cliche goes; you can learn something new everyday if you pay attention. Mike A. and Denise W. and Mark T. are all top marketers on Plus too. Nice compendium.

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