How to fix this Pinterest Problem!

Pinterest Tutorial: How To Fix Your Pinterest Picture Problem

Pinterest is a great social media platform for businesses of all types.

But, if you’re using it for business, you want to make sure your content is optimized for pinning by others. Making sure your Pins look great is key to increasing Pinning which will also increase traffic to your site. So, using this post as an example (Why Pinterest is Addictive: A Contrarian View), I’ll show you how to fix a common Pinterest problem.

Here’s the problem – meaningless text on your pins:

When someone pins the picture from your site, the text includes the picture name but not any compelling language to interest people in clicking through to your post.

pinterest picture problem

Here’s the easy solution:

1) Edit Your Picture after uploading to WordPress

After you upload your picture to WordPress, click on the picture and the little edit box that comes up.

How to edit a photo in WordPress

2) Change the Picture Title

In the Picture Title area, change it from the default picture title…

Pinterest picture has the wrong text

To more meaningful information…

Adding Pinterest text to a WordPress Image

3) Test it out!

Try pinning your own picture. You’ll now have the right text when you someone comes to pin your picture.

pinning to pinterest

Fixing Your Pinterest Picture Problem (the video tutorial):

Here’s a short video tutorial on it as well…

What are your challenges with Pinterest?

Are you using Pinterest? If so, what challenges do you have with it? Leave it in the comments and perhaps I’ll do a tutorial on it here!

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