If you’ve got plans to be an author, a speaker or a thought leader, listen up! You may be doing things backwards… LINEAR – The typical process 1) Build up expertise 2) Write a book or decide to begin speaking 3) Start to build an audience (your platform) PARALLEL PATH – A better process 1) … [Read More…] Authors, Speakers and Thought Leader Wannabe’s: Build Your Platform BEFORE You Need It!

blogging fails

I work with a lot of clients on their business blogs. I also read a lot of blog posts, do a fair share of writing myself, and regularly teach a blog writing workshop. What I’ve discovered in my time blogging is that there are some very common areas that people get wrong or just plain … [Read More…] Three common Blogging #Fails and what to do about them

Facebook is the Darling Facebook is the social media and soon-to-be stock market darling. While other social media platforms have gotten a lot of buzz, Facebook has captured serious attention from brands, marketers, app developers and investors because there’s a lot of money being made on the platform – and people expect this to continue. … [Read More…] 6 Facebook Fan Page Design & Custom Tab Apps

Blog World is a great event. I had the opportunity attend my first Blog World (in Los Angeles) in November of last year and I got a lot out of the event from both the business and personal perspectives. What I learned though, is that without proper (and early) planning, most of us will not … [Read More…] Blog World New York: The Ultimate Survival Guide

In this short video I’ll show you how to add a video to your WordPress Blog. Here are the basic steps: Find the video in YouTube Click “share” at the bottom of the video Click the “embed” button Copy the code that you find there (you can adjust sizes to fit your site) Create a … [Read More…] How to Add a Video to Your WordPress Blog

I was at a Meetup in San Francisco tonight where one of the things that people wanted to find out about was how to do video screen capture and editing. Mainly, they wanted to know which tools are available that are not prohibitively expensive or complex. Clearly this is a big need so I quickly … [Read More…] Video Screen Capture and Editing Tools (plus a Skype Call Recording Bonus)