wordpress timthumb vulnerability fix

WordPress is an amazing tool that has given millions of individuals and businesses the ability to quickly and cheaply implement a robust website or blog. This allows people to have more control over the most critical element of their online marketing strategies, what I call their “home base” (their website/blog combination). Implementation of capabilities that … [Read More…] WordPress Security: Urgent TimThumb Vulnerability Fix

I recently met with nine companies (mostly small businesses) who have been forced to innovate in order to survive and grow. The lessons that I have learned are priceless because they are not theoretical, they are extremely practical. These nine have separated the strategies that work from those that don’t. Read on to find out … [Read More…] 9 Lessons From 9 Innovative Marketers

Sometimes I get the question that goes like this… “This shouldn’t be so hard. What’s the easy way to market my business online?” People want easy solutions. Something you can sign up for and your business will automatically pop to the top of Google search for your target keywords. Or some place they can post … [Read More…] The Myth of Easy. Why You Don’t Want Easy Online Marketing

My first experience with content curation was the creation of an “ultimate mixed tape” that I created to play for my friends. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, creating the best combination of great songs from my older brother’s albums (or from the radio in some cases) was one way to stand out in … [Read More…] Content Curation: Definition and 6 Tool Options

What is Content Marketing? A lot of businesses these days are asking the question, “What exactly is Content Marketing?” and “How can it help my small or medium business?”. In order to answer these questions, I talked to one of the world’s leading experts on Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi. He’s the founder of the Content … [Read More…] What is Content Marketing? Interview with Joe Pulizzi

I spent a day and a half at Blog World LA and have already written two detailed posts about it Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan Talk Google Plus For Business and 19 Lessons From Peter Shankman. I have one more Blog World article to go (after this one)! This post will be the “eye candy” … [Read More…] Blog World LA Photos & Video