how to talk to the media

In this guest post by Susan Harrow of PR, learn how to talk to the media and mistakes people make – don’t make these 5 common mistakes! _____________________________ In this new age of media 2.0 the media is more often searching for experts when they have the need rather than pouring over hundreds of … [Read More…] How to Talk to the Press and 5 Common Mistakes People Make

The other day I was reading in the San Jose Mercury News about how Costco was finally going to optimize its site, It hadn’t focused on or cared about search engine optimization (SEO) at all until it finally realized that competitors like and were eating its lunch online. The company realized that … [Read More…] The Great SEO MindSchmuck: Why businesses just don’t get SEO

This post is one of the resources that complements the awesome new manifesto from Danny Iny (The Naked Marketing Manifesto). Get your free copy at: Now, read on… __________________________ We’ve all been there. We stare at the sales page. We read every bullet. Analyze each component. Each bonus. Each benefit. Each testimonial. The guarantees. The … [Read More…] Do You Know Your Product’s Risk-Reward Ratio?

As I mentioned in earlier posts, Pinterest can be extremely addictive. The platform has millions of hard-core pinners using the platform – adding to their collections, discovering new pins, and connecting with like-minded Pinterest users. I’ll admit that I’m one of them and I curate a popular “Pinterest Articles and Tips” board (as a collaborative … [Read More…] The Truth About Pinterest Repinning Etiquette (LMAO)

I have a confession to make to you. My dear blog. I’ve been cheating on you. Yes, I’ve now written several guest posts on other blogs. I’ve even had writing relationships with Copyblogger, Problogger, Firepole Marketing,, Basic Blog Tips, Social Buzz Club and some others we can talk about another time.. Sorry.  I’m really sorry. But … [Read More…] Why I’m no longer monogamous with you, my dear (blog)