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I was at a presentation tonight in San Francisco. The speaker was talking about how bloggers can (and should) be publishing eBooks based on their blog content. To emphasize the opportunity, he said, “eBook publishing is The Wild West right now!” I don’t disagree. With that said, if I got a nickel for how many … [Read More…] Your Social Media Strategy: What’s not “The Wild West”?

This is a guest post by Peter Sandeen of Affect Selling. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and learn a ton! _________________________ Your website’s home page is the most important page you’ll ever build. It’s also the most important landing page for any business. It will invite people in, or kick them away. Do you know … [Read More…] Landing Page Optimization: Don’t kick your customers out the door

google street view vehicle

Living in the San Francicso Bay Area I have the opportunity to bump into Google vehicles here and there. Here are some shots of Google’s most famous vehicles. I’m including shots that I took of the Google cars as well as some of the Google Jet and Helicopter. What vehicle do you think Google will … [Read More…] Google Vehicles: What’s Next?

If you’re struggling to make traction with your blog, you may be in for a surprise. Your lack of traction actually may not be the fault of bad writing, poor headlines or the wrong topics. Your writing may actually be just what your target audience needs. Only they can’t find it. What? Yes. If you … [Read More…] 3 Blogging Secrets the Experts Know (but you don’t…)

Google Search is displayed in a minimalist package which hides the true power behind the scenes. Let’s explore some advanced Google Search Tips and Tricks that you can do right from the standard Google search page. So open up Google in a new window and give these a try! Advanced Google Search: Some of my … [Read More…] Advanced Google Search Tricks and Tips

media coaching - face your fears (umpire)

In this guest post by Susan Harrow, she provides tips on how to overcome your Media Stage Fright by facing your worst fears head on. To learn more about Succeeding with Media Interviews, attend her webinar (Weds, June 13th) by clicking here. _________________ Problem: Media Stage Fright / Solution: Face Your Worst Fears During media … [Read More…] Problem: Media Stage Fright / Solution: Face Your Worst Fears