LinkedIn is a the largest professional networking site in the world. It has members in over 200 countries and is available in over 14 languages. It’s growing fast, at a clip of to members per second. Some other key facts about LinkedIn: LinkedIn now has over 147 million members now! LinkedIn members are likely to … [Read More…] What is LinkedIn? [infographic]

better marketing not more traffic

This is a guest post by Cassie Hicks of Women’s Way To Wealth ( Welcome to 2012! Perhaps you’ve decided this is the year to start blogging, or launch that new online business? What will you do first? If you’re like most people you’ll venture online to see what your options are and see how … [Read More…] It’s Not Traffic You Need, It’s Better Marketing

Content Marketing has become a critical component of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes and types. In fact, it’s so popular that the “content competition” will get tougher and tougher. It will be harder to stand out unless you find ways to separate you company’s content from the crowd (see Darwin’s 12 Rules … [Read More…] 6 Ways Creativity Can Be Your New Secret Marketing Weapon

It’s 2012 and time for a fresh start! Now’s a great time to make strategic changes to enable your business to grow profitably in the new year. 7 Decisions To Make Consider making decisions on what needs to change in the following areas when pulling together your 2012 strategy. 1) Updates to our website or … [Read More…] 7 Marketing Decisions To Make in 2012

One of the elements of blog writing is “style”. Style can include things such as how you write, how you structure the posts, what elements you bring into your content, how you link to other writers, or how you combine original content with curated elements. Developing your own personal blogging style is one of the … [Read More…] What Rock Guitarists Can Teach Us About Blogging

Getting Things Done - Tim Lincecum

Completion. One of the most important skills in business is COMPLETION. Can you finish what you start? Do you finish your projects? Do you know when to stop analyzing and when to start wrapping up? Or do you get stuck in analysis paralysis and need a bit of nudging, direction or help to close it … [Read More…] Getting Things Done…Are You A starter Or A Closer?