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Guest Post by Ashley Furness, CRM Market Analyst for Software Advice
 Crowdsourcing has generated a lot of buzz recently as innovators discover new ways to monetize the concept. For marketers, it’s a chance to channel the ideas of millions and creatively mobilize consumers to promote your brand. But that’s not he only way you can leverage … [Read More…] 4 Innovative Crowdsourcing Tools for Business

Contrary to what some companies think, Social Media is not just a content distribution channel. It’s not a free, one way, message-blasting tool. It’s also not a completely predictable, controlled environment. It’s a tool for engagement, for valuable two-way communications, for market research, for customer support, and for building deeper connections between your brand and … [Read More…] 3 Non-Intuitive Social Media Truths

Did you know that only a portion of your Facebook Business Page fans see any given post? Yes, it’s true. Facebook uses an algorithm called “EdgeRank” to determine who to show your content to. The same algorithm impacts your personal content as well. What Makes Up Facebook EdgeRank? There are three main components of EdgeRank: … [Read More…] Facebook Edgerank 101 (Infographic)

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Raising a garden takes time and investment. It’s not for the impatient or lazy. As with gardening, social media takes ongoing nurturing for it to grow and succeed. There are no quick and easy solutions and neglecting it can lead to problems. Maintaining and Improving Your Blog In the same way that you need to … [Read More…] Success Goes to the Social Media Gardener

Sales Process and Customer Service Social Media Fails

Earlier today, I ordered a sandwich and asked for “no onions”. I’m not a fan of uncooked onions in general. Well, of course I got the sandwich full of onions. No big deal. I pulled them out (they even made a nice picture, don’t you think?). Now, I’m not a good Yelper because I don’t … [Read More…] How Sales Process #Fails are Killing Your “Online” Results

If you run a company these days, it’s probably hard to figure out where to invest your limited marketing resources and time. For a long time, achieving better Search Engine Optimization was the holy grail. Then, Social Media engagement supplanted SEO (at least in the press) as the bigger, more important goal. Along the way, … [Read More…] What about the Company Blog? A Cautionary Content Marketing Tale (Video)