Forgetting to complete a vital task… accidentally missing a deadline… being late for an important meeting… losing vital documents… these are all common aspects of day to day office life, but they shouldn’t be! The average attention span is dropping, along with our ability to focus on the task at hand, and unfortunately this difficulty … [Read More…] Divide and Rule: Guide to Effective Task Management for Every Office and Team

Google has long been the largest competitor in the industry. Whatever niche you’re in, you’re bound to tread carefully with all the regulations they have set in. They’re the biggest search engine in the world, no doubt about it, that’s why many marketers sought out for SEO. Ranking organically in the search engine results page … [Read More…] Google Wages War Against Annoying Ads

Living in the era of the customer, learning what they say, think and how they act in relation to your brand is essential. Over the last decade, there’s been an increasing urge for companies to get the full picture of their customers to better understand their behavior and cater to their needs. To meet that … [Read More…] Exploring The Power of Logo Detection: Brandwatch Introduces ‘Image Insights’


So, you’re an established veteran in your industry. You know all the ins and outs and have a proven track record of success. Even more, you’re passionate about showing others the ropes. The internet as a whole can be described as a worldwide pool of shared knowledge. As e-learning technologies continue to develop, it’s becoming … [Read More…] 4 Essential Tips for Building a Meaningful Online Training Business